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Occasionally you will stumble across art so powerful, so blisteringly glorious, that it sears itself into your retinas and stays with you long after you look away, like looking directly into the sun. It reminds you that even if the rest of your life is full of wretched misery, you were at least once in the presence of magnificence, and it hurt a little. Well, good news, we've got a new shirt that's one of those arts.

Also, if you looked at the image above without any protection, you're pregnant now, with a baby named Freedom. You're welcome. We've saved this one up specifically for the Fourth of July, a day America has carved out to celebrate how rad it is to set fire to stuff and eat a whole pie at once. In that same spirit of overindulgence, this design came to us from Mike Burns based on an idea submitted to a Photoplasty contest by Darren James. Get it in the hardest-core red we could find, and buy it in a size you won't destroy with your own sudden bicep expansion. Hulkamania shirts are for ripping to shreds. This one's more of a keeper.

And speaking of icons of physical fortitude and avoiding unnecessary clothing items, Wonder Woman might be the one American hero whose biopic would be even better than the Hulkster's. Designer Leandro263 combined Diana's classic style with the one true wrestling federation's logo in this stylish celebration of kicking ass, taking names, and celebrating your own strength for all these United States to see.

Our New T-Shirt Contest, for Those Who Were Born to Rock

We just reprinted our Prism Break shirt, and one of our new favorites is this Star War to Heaven design capturing all the magic of being alive in the summer of '77.

Now it's your turn to create the ultimate pop culture album cover or band tee mashup. Is there a Who's Next + Abbott & Costello "Who's on first?" combo design deep within you, waiting to become a fake piece of music history? Well, don't make that, because that's our best idea, and clearly we need a better one from you. Put together your favorite concept and post the image to this thread before Friday, July 11, and if we like the idea enough, we'll make it a T-shirt reality and throw $500 your way. Don't even worry about being the best Photoshopper in the world. We're seeking the best ideas, and we can give yours that stylistic studio magic it needs to be on torsos the world over.

Our New T-Shirt Sale: The Next Best Thing to Being Free

That's right: This ain't no 1984 dystopia where you have to wear a daily uniform. You can wear whatever you want, and our new sale can get you that much closer:

Yes, promo code "MERICA" gets you 15 percent off all of the shirts in our store, now through the Fourth of July weekend. It's what Teddy Roosevelt would have wanted, and Teddy Roosevelt got everything he ever wanted.

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Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

America wouldn't be the same without all the different peoples, comic book publishers, and wrestling eras that come together to make it one nation. The same goes for buying T-shirts online, because there should be no limit on how good you can look while grilling hot dogs and lighting off explosives and whatnot. These are our five favorite new shirts from the Internet world of dressing well, assembled so you can experience total shirt-buying freedom without tabbing over to any other site.


Available at Threadless


Available at Society6


Available at Teepublic


Created by TeeFury


Available at Society6

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