Scientology Wants Miley Cyrus: So Which Should Be Scared?

It was recently reported that the Church of Scientology is recruiting 15 year old Disney star Miley Cyrus to be a part of their organization. In his below "Letter to Miley Cyrus Regarding the Evils of Scientology," resident expert in getting Cracked sued Michael Swaim tries to save Hannah Montana. Dan O'Brien thinks he's got it backwards. Miley,

You may not know me. I come from a place where people openly discuss you fornicating with diseased animals and thereby spawning monstrosities the very existence of which is an offense to God. In fact, if you were to shit your pants in public tomorrow, I guarantee you this blog would Digg that video so hard youd think we were all fecalphiliacs, which would only be half true.

Im telling you this, Miley, because I want us to start off our relationship on the right foot. I want to be honest. And, honestly, most of the crew I run with want to see you dead. Not just dead, either; maimed. In front of your family.

But I dont. Because I know, deep down, that youre just an impressionable young pop star, falling into the same stupid traps our obsessive culture sets for all of your kind.

Miley, listen to me, because I may be the only person speaking from a place of truth on this one. We already know the people making your decisions at the moment arent exactly out for your well-being. If they were, I wouldnt be masturbating to you as I write this.

Does that creep you out Miley? Well, try to get past it, because Ive got some deep shit to lay on you and Im not going to stop.


I know theyve had Travolta hounding you, and I know hes cool. Damn cool. I mean, the guys licensed to pilot 747s, and rocks one of the meanest upside-down goatees Ive ever seen.

But you know who else piloted 747s? Terrorist hi-jackers. And you know who else has awesome facial hair? Biker gangs.

And you want to know a dirty little secret? Theyre all Scientologists. Scientology is more than harmless idiocy; its a dangerous cult, a confluence of all the worlds evildoers. Even Beck.

Dont believe me? Ask literally anyone who isn't a Scientologist about Scientology, and watch what happens. They're either going to laugh at you or shake their fist in anger, and neither is a good endorsement when choosing a faith.

Look, I understand if youre looking for some meaning in your life right now. I would be too if I were just getting old enough to realize what an empty shell of a human being Im going to have to live as for the next eight years before I die on a Heroin overdose in a truck stop bathroom.

But if youve got to go in for a crazy fad religion, why not Kabbalah? I dont know that much about it, but Madonnas pushing it pretty hard and as far as I know shes one of the only of your kind to make it into her thirties with some semblance of a career.

Ive read Dianetics, Miley. Its long. Its got big words. And the only pictures are diagrams of things like your potentiality matrix and beingness curve. Then at the end theres an agreement youre supposed to sign that gives Church members the right to come over to your house any time they want and chill out, without even calling first, and eat right out of the fridge.

And may I remind you, not all Scientologists are huge celebrities like Tom Cruise and Leah Rimini. Most of them are just lonely people so chock-full of Thetans theyll believe anything they hear. Or, wait, do they have no Thetans? Are Thetans bad to have? I think so, but then they give you an operating Thetan level that goes up as you improve. See?! Its crazy Miley! Get out of there!

And if someone offers you an E-Meter reading, kick them in the crotch and run like hell. I heard thats when they drop the cages on you. And auditing session is just slang for a chloroform-soaked rag.

I learned these things, Miley. On the streets. Sticking my nose in where it didnt belong. Digging up the bones of L. Ron Hubbard and pissing on them. And I impart this wisdom to you, in the hopes that I can keep another of our young people out of the alien clutches of the Church of Scientology.

Godspeed, snake monster.

Yours in Christ,

Michael I just finished Swaim

And for the dissenting view, check out Dan's Open Letter to Scientology Regarding the Evils of Miley Cyrus.

When not blogging for Cracked, Michael rescues America's youth from the deprivations of organized religion as head writer and co-founder of Those Aren't Muskets!

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