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Don't forget where you come from. Aside from the problematic grammar of the adage, it's still an important bit of advice we all get as children. You should always be proud of everything that made you who you are, and while that's easy advice to adhere to when you're from the glistening metropolis of New York or the breathtaking mountains of Colorado, it's considerably harder when you grew up somewhere slightly terrifying like, say, northern Florida.

Well we want you to be proud of your roots even if they're in the one state the rest of America goes to die, and so we're giving you the chance to literally wear that pride. (Or express how frightening you think Florida can be.) Either way, here's a kickass shirt, and it comes to us from Timmy-B and Josh Geiser.

And Another Destination Shirt!

"But what about the rest of us!?" you cry. "Where is the shirt for my home state of Georgia?" Well good news weeping Georgians and no one else, we've got a shirt for you too. In fact, technically two shirts.

Celebrate with us the many faces of Georgia, from southern home of Other Austin, to a nation that practically hosted the Winter Olympics, to a typeface you switched to when it was 4 AM and you blamed everything about that goddamn research paper on Times New Roman. Forum member Dixon Uranus put this together with the only typography choice possible, and in a slimming black that'll look great anywhere in America/the Caucasus/FontBook.

When Discussing State Pride, We Are Legally Obligated to Mention Texas

Six flags have flown over America's subcountry, but what's really hardcore about Texas is what's underneath it.

This shirt's been one of our favorites since it hit the store, and since March 2nd is Texas Independence Day, we're holding a special sale in honor of the state that's surely America's brawny, mercurial, hyperviolent Hulk.

Get any of our new shirts or any of our other location-based tees for 15% off through March 2nd with promo code GOINGPLACES, and wear whichever place says "home" (or "dinos!") to you.

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Our Weekly Dose of Envy

After scouring the Internet for new tees, we put the five best below this paragraph which you almost certainly won't read anyway. So scroll down, consider yourself done shopping, and then use all this free time to make a passionate argument for why Montana deserves a shirt or whatever.


Available at Design by Humans.


Available at Society6.


Available at Design by Humans.


Availabe at Glennz Tees.


Available at TeeFury.

And One Last Thing

We're almost out of our Tesla shirt...again. This is beginning to sound like a McRib situation but we honestly didn't anticipate so many people would snatch it up. So if you want this brilliant face lovingly draped across your bosom, you will have to do it soon because we are almost out.

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