Eulogy for the Genius of Adam Sandler


Satire seeks to illustrate the sacred by profaning it, and Sandler's craftsmanship in this frequently drew charges of obscenity. The turning point was in 2022, when his dominatrix died of exhaustion after 27 straight hours of intense flogging. Police found the actor bound and blindfolded in his basement with battery cables clamped to his nipples. Despite suffering four days of dehydration, he begged officers on the scene to "Slap me, spit on me, anything to just, please, God, feel some pathos, ANYTHING!"

Following that brush with death, the funnyman gave away his fortune and wandered the Earth. Eventually, frozen, lost, hungry, and bewildered, he found his way to a comedic monastery in the Himalayas. There, he was taken in by the Laughing Monks and taught the Iron Ha-Ho style that would define his renaissance.

Worst Offender:

Columbia Pictures, for some ungodly reason Thinkstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images
Pictured: rock bottom.

Upon his return, Sandler shocked audiences with Jack and Jill 5: Jack It Like It's Jilly, a dark comedy that opens with the revelation that Jill only exists in Jack's fractured psyche.

Complicating matters is her love triangle with shadowy figures that only Jack can see: a 6-foot rabbit and the ghost of Jimmy Stewart.

A furious Stewart insists that Jack is just a character, and if he wants to heal his psyche, he must admit he doesn't exist any more than they do. Next, he should acknowledge that he is an actor named Adam Sandler and apologize for the remake of Mr. Deeds.

Having realized that family is the most important thing, Jack becomes a little too close to Jill. Sandler, of course, was commenting on the relationship between a film's commercial and artistic interests, but the symbolism was lost on the average viewer, as in the scene below:

JILL, putting tuna fish and peanut butter on a sandwich.

You're actually going to eat that?

It's delicious! [farts] Oooh, I got a little gaaaaas!

P.U.! [farts] Now I made a P.U.!

Jack lights a cigar with the Magna Carta and high-fives the CHILD, who will one day sink into a SPIRAL OF DRUGS AND DEPRESSION typical of child actors.

KATIE HOLMES, being A GOOD WIFE who is HOT and probably has a name.


She eyes something off screen with a glint of desperation.

A STRAIGHT RAZOR, unattended on the counter.

(whispers almost inaudibly)
Do it.

Jack, shaking his head as Jill dances HILARIOUSLY to Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back." She farts near the tea kettle, sending a jet of flame to the flammable CURTAINS.

That's ... [looks at camera] NO BUENO!

(embracing him)
We're twins. You already share half my DNA. Could anything we do truly be wrong?

They kiss, passionately. Katie Holmes protests, but is dragged out of the room by STRANGE MEN IN BLUE SHIRTS. In her place, JAR JAR BINKS enters the room and starts moonwalking. He high-fives Jill.

AMERICA, seen from space, burning.

It's about family.

The film's many levels of metacriticism proved too obtuse for audiences, but critics lauded the courtroom scene where Judge Jill's face melts off to reveal the stony gaze of Happy Gilmore before Sandler is sentenced to death for crimes against nature, only to escape to freedom under a new identity.

The intensely personal work was his first commercial failure, but he iterated in interviews that "It was my poop-smeared salvation."

Notable Films

Grown Ups 3: Blood, Blood, Everywhere

The gang is up to their old tricks when they rent a villa in Madrid, only to discover a murderer is in their midst. The infamous three-minute "dog eyeball icepick scene" was famously pulled during the theatrical run, but restored for the director's cut. Sandler said on the disc commentary that he fell asleep every night watching the scene.

The writer-director-star met his second wife, actress Sandy Sanderson-Sandler, while filming this movie, when she was cast as "The Dog Owner With an Empty Jar of Peanut Butter but the Dog Has Rabies." Audiences adored the scene in which Sandler's Lenny Feder contracts rabies of the dick and Kevin James must inject his penis with 21 vaccination shots. David Spade pulls double duty roles as both Marcus Higgins and Maria Santacruz de la Ignacion y las Grandes Tetas, Hayek's half-sister, who awkwardly attempts to give Schneider a rim job in front of the children.

Shame on you, Columbia Pictures
On the plus side, Kate Hudson didn't make any movies this year.

Chuck and Larry Remarry

Chuck and Larry must reunite when Chuck wants a child but New York's restrictive laws say that only homosexuals are allowed to adopt. David Spade plays their Chinese baby, Long Hung Dong, who is only 4 months old but can speak pidgin English and loves to cook "flied lice." The racism implicit here was both subverted and upheld when Sandler happily crunched down on a bowl of flies and lice. An endearing entry, but a difficult one to watch, as its opening credits are a three-minute panoramic shot of Chinese foothills littered with discarded babies.

The Third Pole

Sandler's unemployed ice fisherman Karl Smiley must impress Amy Adams or something before the ice thaws by winning a fishing contest or else rich people will build underwater condos in the lake, I don't even fucking know. This was his last collaboration with David Spade, playing Rastus, the ghost of a slave who drowned while swimming to freedom. Kevin James also appears as a talking bear who kills five sexy hikers (all played by Sandler in drag doing the same voice for each). Images
Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images/ Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Original title: The Familymoonpole


Shot in a single night on Super 8, a disguised Sandler wanders LA's Skid Row talking in his baby voice and provokes people into fights by shitting on their shoes. At the end of the film, the number of people who take a swing at him is tallied against the number who say "Aw, sorry, buddy, I didn't realize." Critics praised the actor's commitment to the experiment, including taking seven stab wounds to the belly.

Grown Ups 5: Face Fuck Mash

Written by Sandler and directed by Lars von Trier, this "Kafkaesque gasp for help from the maw of madness" reunites the gang when Sandler's Lenny Feder wakes to find himself part of the mysterious Experiment 12. After strangling a glassy-eyed child with her own intestines for a sip of water, Feder tears through the walls imprisoning him, only to find that it's all being conducted by the mysterious Dr. Reldnas, who is a splinter of Feder's personality. David Spade's corpse cameos as the body of Marcus Higgins and reappears later in heavy makeup playing "Kris Roq," a talented comedian trapped in the room with Feder. Critics still dispute exactly what happens during the film's finale, a 7.5-minute sequence in which the camera is knocked to the ground, and all we hear are muffled sounds of a struggle, followed by the sound of someone being devoured alive as a voice chants in Latin.

Chuck and Larry: The Omega Ultimatum

Now that robots and humans are legally allowed to marry, Chuck and Larry admit that they're just big, flaming gaybags for each other and shouldn't have to hide that to be happy.


In an interview last year at the Omegacron Honors, Sandler reflected on a career spent enriching the lives of others with laughter:

"After my dominatrix died, I sat down to cheer myself up with some light fare, a family-friendly comedy. It turned out I was watching Blended, a film I was apparently in. Seeing an amazing actress like Drew Barrymore, who's been used by the system since day one, only to cobble herself back together ... seeing a talent like that sleepwalk through this job, the meaninglessness of it all really hits you like a faceful of French onion soup.

"That was when I realized that a man of my means -- a legitimately funny comedian who could realize any vision, no matter how far-fetched -- can you imagine if I had actually wasted my once-per-generation chance to pursue my talent and craft? What a stain that would be on my very existence?

"Look, crap has always existed. It's fine to not be good at something. It's even OK to be good at something and still be unentertaining. But what is this pervasive culture of being able to do something well and deliberately dialing it down to the blandest possible incarnation? The Ke$has and Guy Fieris of this world, the Adam Sandlers. We're all going to die. TRY TO DO SOMETHING BEFORE YOU DIE!

"I'm not talking about the people who try and suck -- your Pitbulls of the world, who were always going to be affably mediocre. I'm talking about people with real ability and awareness who instead elect to autotune their work, pour donkey sauce on it, and otherwise piss in the pool and call it a day. If you have legitimate ability, you don't get to carpet bomb your success with the easiest option to assail the senses. You owe it to everyone who took the time to help you learn your craft to stand the fuck up and MAKE SOMETHING.

"No. Goddamn. Shortcuts."

Sandler leaves the world a duller, drier place. The world shall not laugh through a mouthful of Doritos upon his like again.

Brendan reports dispatches from the future on Twitter @Newsin20years. But in the present, he recently interviewed Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater about why Archie's more badass than Superman.

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