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Look at your walls. What do they say about you? It's probably a mix of "This is what I love" and "This is how little I know about stud-finding." Well, just like paintings are the shirt of the wall and hair is the suit of the head, our shirts can be the art you bring into the world every day. Well, shirts and that thing you keep posting to deviantART. You know, with those anatomical ... proportions.

In the pantheon of art, one work stands above the rest as a celebration of the divine (painting) and the lowbrow (animals sinning). That work is "Dogs Playing Poker" (C. M. Coolidge). And the gods of pop culture function like those chummy mutts, bringing together holy might with the fact that it's just a comic book. So put all your cultural cards on the table with this design from Joon Kim and idea from Cody Johnston. And try to figure out if Kratos is bluffing ... his grin says "definitely," but his mind might be like "Remember that time I filleted a deity?"

Now Make Our Next Shirt (for Cash!)

We have a new design contest for you to enter! And to quote a certain movie ...

Available at Shirt.Woot

Well, shoot. Not a great quote for explaining this. But it is a great design for showing it, because we want you to do a typography silhouette of a famous character, with a quote about them in a great typeface outlining their shape. Get it? It can be totally epic or totally silly, just as long as it's a shirtworthy tribute to your favorite character/quote/font all at once.

Design by GeekMyWalL

Post your idea here before September 5, and if we like it enough we'll make it a shirt, throw you 500 bucks, and put your name in this space as that person who looooooooooves Newsies/that one Newsies song/Imperial.

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

It's not easy dressing you every week. Frankly, we're 1) exhausted and 2) due to make you some pants stat. So check out these winners from the world of this week's new shirts. They look great, they can be mailed to you for money, and it's time you crazy kids/shirts got together.


Available at BustedTees


Available at Naolito


Available at Society6


Available at Society6


Available at Threadless

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