7 Small Fights That Got Out of Hand Quickly

#3. Mac 'n' Cheese 'n' Stab Wounds

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Macaroni and cheese holds a strange place in the American zeitgeist. It's a staple dish, it's comfort food, and it's the mealtime equivalent of falling asleep while masturbating with a rubber glove on -- sad, disappointing, and unfulfilling. You should never, ever try to murder someone over mac and cheese.

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Save that shit for pizza.

Randy Zipperer, a man who probably never got to fulfill the porn potential of his name, became agitated one day when he was unable to find his mac and cheese. While his brother helped him look for it, Zipperer's beer was spilled, and that was the last straw. No mac and cheese was one thing, but no mac and cheese and no beer? Hell nah! So he had to stab a bitch. Guess what state this happened in, incidentally. Just guess.

Zipperer's brother was stabbed in the gut with a 6-inch kitchen knife, and police found him in the bedroom. As for Zipperer himself, he was arrested and was very apologetic, although he did let officers know that, once he was out of jail, he still had plans to beat the shit out of his brother. He also posed for this charming mugshot. Why don't you go ahead and print a copy for your wallet.

Volusia County Sheriff's Office

Lovin' you / Is easy cuz you're beautiful!

#2. Monopoly Melee

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The game of Monopoly was invented by a rich, bemonocled midget in the 1940s as a means to force the peasant class to experience boredom and rage at the same time. This mix of unpleasant emotions has followed the game through its many nauseating permutations over the years from the Juicy Couture edition (it's a real thing) to the UPS version, which must be easily as fun as the name implies and not a drop more. Data from MIT indicates that no one has ever finished a game of Monopoly with a smile on their face and no one has ever played as the banker without cheating.

Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images
Which is actually a great way to prepare kids for banks in adulthood.

Given Monopoly's shady pedigree, it shouldn't be a surprise to learn that the playing of the game is often steeped in misery. Still, being miserable at the dinner table and wishing you had diarrhea so you could go do something more fun is one thing; whipping out the deadly weapons over Baltic Avenue is quite another.

Sixty-year-old grandmother Laura Chavez was not enjoying a family game of Monopoly with her boyfriend, Butch, and her 10-year-old grandson. Chavez accused Butch of cheating and sent the boy to bed as the argument continued, until Chavez realized that fighting over a board game was silly, hugged her boyfriend, then put the game away and watched a show on TV together. Awww-psych! That never happened. Instead she brained Butch with a bottle, then went at his face like a hungry monkey trying to get into a coconut with a knife, stabbing his head, neck, face, arms, and hands.

When cops showed up, the boy was asleep, having never even heard the Parker Brothers near-homicide in the other room while the apartment was apparently bathed in blood and, presumably, Community Chest cards.

"Can't I just use this?"

#1. The Orgy of the Feuding

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You probably hate your neighbor, right? Probably. I had to sit with my neighbor on his porch while he cried about his girlfriend being so insane that he couldn't handle her any more and how the sex was great except for when it hurt. You ever have a weepy man tell you his insane girlfriend hurts him sexually? I don't have time to deal with that. I was trying to watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Phillip Conran also hated his neighbor, and sadly law enforcement wouldn't even explain why. Whatever the reason, his hatred inspired him to seek vengeance the only way a hilariously awful person knows how -- a Craigslist ad. Conran posted that his neighbor wanted to please as many men as she possibly could before leaving for work. Yes, Conran pulled the old "orgy at the neighbor's" prank.

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The ancient Greeks once tried something similar, but everyone hidden in the giant condom suffocated.

With no basis for comparison -- if you've never advertised a Craigslist orgy, you may have no idea how popular these things may or may not be -- you probably wouldn't be able to presume to know how many people would respond to such a posting. The answer, we're told, is many. At least a half-dozen men showed up to take advantage of this offer while more kept circling the block in their smutmobiles. One even went to the wrong address and groped the teenage girl who opened the door, isn't that charming? I'm all for being a pervert -- I wrote this whole article one-handed in the tub -- but I try to make sure everyone consents to my awfulness. (Editor's Note: Soap does not need to give consent.)

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