7 Celebrities Who Are Hilariously Awful At Twitter

Everyone uses social media only because everyone else uses social media. This includes the famous everyones. All famous people have PR reps who tell them they should talk to non-famous people, and the best way to do that is on things like Twitter and Facebook and Instaquad and Pintaqueef and so on forever.

The problem is, once all the filters are taken off, we're left with the terrifying knowledge that the only thing separating us from those we idolize is the number of zeroes on our paychecks. If nothing else, social media has given us plenty of evidence that celebrities are just as existentially confused as the rest of us.

#7. Dave Matthews' Twitter Account Perfectly Symbolizes His Career (Unfortunately)

Matt Roberts/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you've never gazed into the folksy-jazzy blue-grassy poppycock abyss of Dave Matthews' Twitter account, you're missing out on a sight slightly worse than that one time in 2004 his tour bus dumped 800 pounds of feces over a bridge onto sightseeing tourists below. You're missing Dave himself dumping metaphorical feces right into your brain tubes. Like Matthews' career, his Twitter hasn't been active since 2010. But in its prime, it was really a sight to behold, the sort of thing that would make Jaden Smith jealous of its non-sequiturs and general incomprehensibility.

Dave Matthews/Twitter
The most mind-blowing part are the words "no pot."

Did any of that mean anything at all? Was Dave on medication? Was this code to let us know he was being held against his will, and we all failed him so he's actually been dead since 2010? We'll probably never know. Or maybe this will clue us in:

Dave Matthews/Twitter
Thirty-one people saw Dave Matthews saying, "Hello," and thought,
"Oh, hahaha, that is priceless. Oh my God. Gotta let the world know."

That was definitely code for something, but more than likely it was a message to the guy who supplies Dave with mescaline and canned air, rather than for fans or authorities. His final posting in 2010 was just a link to this video that depicts what happens when animation software falls into the hands of people who know what gasoline tastes like.

That was the last we heard of ol' Dave. We'll probably never hear from him again. Oh well, next.

#6. Samuel L. Jackson Can't Take Selfies

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sam Jackson is famous for being a bad motherfucker. We hear he may have a wallet that confirms this. He's also gracious enough to share his em-effery with us on social media, and for that we will always be grateful ... as soon as we figure out what's wrong with his camera.

Samuel Jackson/Instagram
"I don't go on camera unless I'm being paid. Even my own."

Sammy J. shares a hell of a lot of selfies to let his fans know where he is and what he's doing, but the thing is, he's either the worst selfie taker in the history of that stupid word or the absolute best in a sort of subversively meta awesome way that our 3D brains can't comprehend. If it was one or two pics, you could chalk it up to hasty photography or a mistake, but he's got dozens and dozens of images that are all the same:

Samuel Jackson/Instagram
Thank you, sir! My friends would never believe I met ... a forehead. Fuck."

Notice a pattern here? Jackson is like Waldo in every one of his photos, just peeking out from the side or the corner. It doesn't seem to matter where he is, when it's taken, or what he's doing. It's like even cameras are afraid of him. We would pin this on Instagram's software not knowing what to do with pictures that don't depict overpriced food, but it also happens on Twitter:

Samuel Jackson/Twitter
Answer: photographers.

It's entirely possible Jackson and his phone just met and neither understands the other at all. Either that or this is the single greatest joke Jackson has ever conceived, and he laughs each and every time he posts it the way your dad used to laugh when he farted in the car on a hot day.

#5. Chris Rock Loves Memes

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty

Technically, there's no harm in reposting memes on your Twitter or Facebook. They're out there, and they probably don't cause cancer. You could have worse habits, like making memes for a living. It's even OK that comedian Chris Rock posts them -- he's a comedian, so he should like funny things. Rock's problem with memes is like a baby's problem with household items. He thinks he owns all of them, and considering how often he posts them, he might think he literally needs them for sustenance. If you peruse Rock's timeline you'll see he doesn't just post memes often ...

Chris Rock/Twitter
Only the Richard Pryor of his generation could pick these fine memes.

... he posts them damn near every other Tweet. There comes a time when the hilarious one-sentence observations of the people of Reddit slapped onto a picture of Gary Coleman or a cat are just not that funny anymore. And, for the record, this is the real Chris Rock, not the inexplicably popular fake Australian one that posts self-help bullshit and blatant plagiarism (whom we're not linking to, because fuck that guy).

Chris Rock/Twitter
Something tells us that last one wasn't written by one of the most recognizable people on the planet.

Even more bizarre than Rock's love of memes is his hatred for people who produce memes. For unknown and legally questionable reasons, every meme gets posted with a little "copyright Chris Rock" at the bottom, which is kind of like taking someone else's dinner and telling them it's yours because you have it now. Someone took the time to slap that little notice on every single one, which means Rock never even posts these memes on a whim -- he's not just seeing them and thinking, "Ha!" and then tweeting; he's probably having some PR person make it unofficially official and then posting it in complete disregard for how copyright (and, curiously, humor) works. He'll even post it right next to copyrights from the sites he got the pictures from, a gutsy move in the world of meme thievery.

Chris Rock/Twitter
Some people are just shameless.

#4. Martha Stewart Can't Make Her Food Look Good

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What comes to mind when you think of Martha Stewart? A hardened felon? An Orange Is The New Black-type situation where every day she takes her short, sensible haircut and knowing smirk into the showers with the other ladies and coyly watches the meth addicts soaping their breasts, knowing how easy it is to manipulate their junkie minds to get what she wants while stringing them along with flowery promises for a life of luxury once they get out, but first they have to do some favors? Some clam-shucking favors? Yeah, that's what you think of.

You should also know that Martha Stewart, for all her business acumen, lifestyle-guru-ry, and cooking know-how, takes a photo about as well as a drunken tourist trying to get that perfect shot of themselves holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. While her food may be delicious, the pictures she takes of said food often come out looking like shit on a shingle. Behold: onion soup with baguette croutons, not a photo of a toilet that suffered terminal velocity splash-back:

Martha Stewart/Twitter
If the dish included corn it would be completely indistinguishable.

Next on the menu is a wedge of iceberg with Russian dressing and not, as you'd assume, what was left of that red-haired dude who smashed into the vat of toxic waste in RoboCop:

Martha Stewart/Twitter
Those little lumps are his teeth.

Martha labeled this "Hotate uni miso at En brasserie," so you just learned how to describe the flattened, empty egg pod of an alien facehugger in another language; isn't that cool?

Martha Stewart/Twitter
Incidentally, if you prick it with a fork, it wheezes out, "Kill me."

And why not celebrate the next installment of the epic Fallout game series with this mildly irradiated mutant stew served in a delicate broth of cream and bile:

Martha Stewart/Twitter
This is what she says to haters instead of "fuck you."

For the more adventurous, what we have here is a sampler of different kinds of shit. Runny shit, lumpy shit, discolored shit, pebble shits, and shit spaetzle. That one's special -- try it with the shit sauce. Shitastic!

Martha Stewart/Twitter
What part of the home, though?

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