6 Adult Movie Titles Altered to Be Oscar Contenders

Debbie Does Dallas


An unprecedented and exhaustive peak into the world of tax preparation, Debbie Does Taxes follows the life of a young, up and coming tax accountant as she gains moderate renowned for her uncanny ability to find deductions, hidden dependents and write offs for her clients. Debbie knows the ins and outs of every state and federal tax law, but her arrogance threatens to take her too far as the IRS launches an audit of one of her clients.

Now in a race against time, Debbie is forced to help a single mother track down every item purchased, every mile driven and every donation made before it's too late. The action reaches a crescendo when Debbie uncovers a lost loophole tax accountants for decades had written off as myth, but did she find it in time? Debbie Does Taxes brings a new level of suspense and originality to the burgeoning deskwork genre.

Anna Obsessed


A recent widow diagnosed with bipolar disorder spends her non-grieving hours shut away in a studio apartment watching reality television. Sparked by a combination of her lost companion, thoughts of suicide and also a haze of prescription medication, she builds intimate relationships with each character in the shows she watches, until they begin to transcend the screen.

What starts as a great escape from her daily life, turns into a nightmare as the casts of every reality show bring their fights, selfishness and sex directly into her living room. Her only means of getting rid of these social dregs is by convincing the other cast members to vote them out of existence. But soon the reality stars form their own alliances and Anna struggles to avoid being voted out of her own life.

The Devil in Miss Jones


A church going Midwestern carpenter, well respected in his community, starts receiving clandestine letters recruiting him for a woodworking competition. Curious, he responds with interest and unwittingly changes the course of his life forever. The tournament, he discovers, is a battle of carpentry skills, to the death.

He is kidnapped from his home and dropped in a remote Ecuadorian village with the best carpenters from around the world. Crowds of listless and wealthy dignitaries have gathered to watch the woodworkers hammer, saw and sand for their lives. The Midwestern carpenter has no choice but to break the carpenter's oath and use his skills to kill, all while contending with starvation, torture and a really unforgiving language barrier. Throughout increasingly tough rounds, the carpenter finds strength in God, until the finals when he is forced to compete in a beveling competition against a young woman who is a direct descendant of the greatest carpenter to ever live, Jesus Christ.

I owe a special thanks to Dan Campagna for helping me with the movie posters. And by "helping" I mean doing them for me when I revealed how little I know about Photoshop.

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