The 6 Creepiest Movie Sex Scenes (Are All In Batman Movies)

When you're an insane billionaire who dresses up as a bat and only hires elderly British men and nine-year-olds, your boners are going to be nightmarish. Batman probably reacts to his own erections the same way most people react to seeing actual bats: with loud shrieking interspersed with swatting motions.

Thankfully, that hasn't stopped the makers of the Batman movies, TV shows, and video games from giving Batman the chance to engage the reproductive system in a way that only he knows how. For Batman, sex is a cowardly and superstitious thing, and it must be dealt with accordingly.

#6. Batman Hits Dicks And Interrupts Blowjobs

Warner Bros.

The climax to the 1989 Batman film officially starts with a dick punch. A ninja flips toward him crotch-first, screaming the way only a man doing that exact thing can scream. Batman responds by firing a cock-smasher directly out of his wrist. What's a cock-smasher, you ask? Well, you know the hidden gun Travis Bickle uses in Taxi Driver? It's that, only instead of a gun, it's a cock-smasher. Sorry for using that phrase so much, but it's the only way to describe it. It exists for smashing cocks. And Batman built it. He knew this situation was likely to arise.

Warner Bros.
The World's Greatest Detective.

What could this device's backstory possibly be? Was there a crime wave of ninjas flipping about with exposed penises in the months that led up to this? Imagine the headlines: "Penis-Flipping Ninja Crime Wave Baffles Police." And this is the less weird option, since the alternative is that Batman was constructing his Batarangs and Batmobiles and Bat Grappling Hooks and randomly thought to himself, "I can handle crime, but what if I can't handle crime's dong?"

Warner Bros.
Ha! "Handling dong."

Moments later, newspaper photographer and screeching damsel Vicki Vale tries to distract the Joker by kissing him. She macks his big purple jacket in a way that's not erotic or distracting, but makes everyone in the cast feel terrible for her.

Warner Bros.
"Lint gets me so hot."

Vicki Vale has been kidnapped by Batman or the Joker at least four times in this movie already, depending on how you count. When you spend your life being dragged around by costumed psychopaths, awkwardly smooching someone's jacket is as close to a master plan as you're going to get. And then she drops down, and the Joker thinks, "Five minutes ago she hated me. This is going so much better than I expected."

Warner Bros.
Spoiler: His balls are about to match that tie color.

Surprise! It's the old "Think you're going to get a blowjob from a lady who loathes you but she's actually setting you up to take a punch from Batman" gag! Oldest trick in the book! How is it possible for the Joker to get so distracted that he doesn't notice a fully-armored, wounded Batman limping up next to him? I don't want to pretend that I've had sex multiple times before and am some kind of romantic master, but I feel like I'd know if Batman was within arm's length of me, even if I was getting to second-and-a-half base with Kim Basinger. And Jack Nicholson had already been having sex with the only other lady in Gotham, so it's not like he was so sex-starved that a little clumsy attention from a woman was going to upend his plans.

And before you argue that Batman is known for his stealth, let me counter with every other Batman-related scene in the movie, in which he fought evil by walking up next to it and watching it fall down. If Batman suddenly decided that maybe he needed to try out this whole "stealth" thing that the League of Shadows would always go on about, he certainly picked a weird opportunity to do so.

#5. The Penguin Wants To Create An Explosion Of Children's Genitals

Warner Bros.

The best part about the Penguin in Batman Returns is that he's adaptable. When he was thrown into the sewer by his family, he ended up leading a group of killer clowns. When his mayoral campaign got squashed, he stole all of the firstborn kids in Gotham. And when that went sideways, he militarized an army of penguins to blow up the city. You can mock the Penguin because he's marshmallow butter stuffed into some full-body pantyhose, but you have to admit that he's far better at improvising than anyone short of the heroes from Fast & Furious.

Warner Bros.
Somehow not the craziest scene in this movie.

His problem was in the presentation of those plans. When he tried to team up with Catwoman, his pitch was made entirely of grunts and double entendres. During his rallying speech to his penguin army, he finished it off with a cry to blow the "erogenous zones" of Gotham's kids "sky high." Even in the context of Batman Returns -- a movie that's more about superhero crotches than anything Joel Schumacher was ever involved with -- it's a bizarre closer.

There is a legion of better options for the end of this speech. "Let's blow this city up!" would've worked. "I want to see Gotham burn in a gonad-less fire," is also a superior choice. I understand that sexual frustration causes people to do crazy things, like grow goatees or read Bret Easton Ellis, but what does Penguin hope to accomplish by shouting, "On a side note, this is mostly about a mushroom cloud of tiny privates"?

Warner Bros.
"Their nads will rain from the sky!"

It's not going to make much of a difference to the penguins who are sitting there being yelled at. When the Penguin is killed, the birds take him in a funeral march and ease him into the water. There's a deeper connection there that transcends genitals. But despite the kinship between flightless bird and DeVito, a penguin is going to hear that speech and continue to think "I'm a penguin. Where is food? Where is food? What's on my back? I'm a penguin."

Warner Bros.
"I'm a penguin. I can totally see the outline of his half-chub in that onesie. I'm a penguin."

#4. When The Riddler Showed Sex Dreams To Gotham's Wealthiest

Warner Bros.

Batman Forever is a great time capsule for 1995. We had high enough hopes for Val Kilmer to make him our most popular superhero, Chris O' Donnell hadn't yet been lost to the Bermuda Triangle, Jim Carrey was attached to anything that required a funny voice, and we had just figured out how to harness Tommy Lee Jones. In hindsight, it's baffling to think that when Batman Returns underperformed, they made Batman Forever as a way to fix the Batman series. They created that movie with the thought process of "Now this, THIS will save us."

Warner Bros.
That's a safe bet if I ever saw one.

If you haven't seen it in a while, the Riddler creates a machine that broadcasts your wildest unconscious fantasies, and shows it off at a party for the rich people of Gotham. Now, when we hear "wildest unconscious fantasies," one might assume you'll get a montage of innocent dreams of wealth and status. One woman tries it and finds herself covered in nice jewelry. That's pleasant. Of course Bruce Wayne tries it and sees stuff about bats and his dead parents, because he can't be trusted to do anything properly. But overall, what could go wrong?

Warner Bros.
Him. He could go wrong.

The first guy who goes in imagines himself on a tropical beach. Two women come to his side and offer him a drink and some kisses.

Warner Bros.

The audience reacts happily to this, and even Val Kilmer can almost be bothered to form an expression about it.

Warner Bros.
Asian Joseph Gordon-Levitt is similarly amused.

But is there a time limit on this machine? Because if not, then there certainly needs to be. Or some kind of fail-safe that shuts down at the first hint of nipple. As the second-smartest dude in Gotham, the Riddler has to realize that there's going to be some weird shit rolling around in the heads of the city's most affluent. It would be a massive oversight to think that light petting is as far as a machine that shows your most insane fantasies is going to go. That machine isn't going to make it through two users before it just devolves into broadcasting the rawest, most bizarre DC-Comic-related porn imaginable. The lives of countless millionaires are going to be ruined when it's revealed that their shared deepest desire is to bareback Commissioner Gordon in a Bat suit.

Or that might be Riddler's ultimate plan. Capture Wayne's girlfriend, stop Batman, blah blah whatever? All that stuff is secondary. The real goal is to make sure that everyone knows that the CEO of GothCorp wants a threesome with Man-Bat and Clayface on top of the Bat signal.

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