6 Insane Batman Comics Courtesy of Tasty Hostess Cupcakes

#3. The Muse

The problem with mad scientists is they're always forgetting the little things.

The Muse built a piano capable of sucking nearby people in to make the piano sound more like people. That's amazing, maybe. I don't really get it. Apparently, it took such a level of scientific brilliance that he can't be bothered with the little thoughts like, "Maybe the best time to vaporize The Three Bottles ISN'T in the middle of a Three Bottles stage show."

After one of the thousands of eyewitnesses notices the crime he's doing absolutely nothing to hide from them, The Muse still refuses to acknowledge anything wrong with his plan. In the last panel he tells nobody in particular that he's caught an "unlucky break." How was he expecting the show to go?

"Dude, we saw The Three Bottles last night, and it was awesome! They had stage effects and everything-- ten seconds in, all three Bottles got sucked into the piano and then the rest of the set was just piano music that sounded like terrifed screams! Whoooo, ROCK! Oh, and The Three Bottles are STILL missing, man! Foul play is sus-PEC-TEEEEED!!! YEAH!"

#2. The League of Assassins

Batman takes on a bunch of karate experts wearing white belts (which means in the world of karate these guys rank alongside toddlers) and throws a Twinkie at them instead of the Batarang, which somehow allows him to tie them up. This one seems pretty unremarkable. But look closer:

Do you think it was Batman who made the one on the right crotch towards center, or did he wiggle around to do that himself?

Karate Man A: "Oh great, we're all tied together. Man, I hate assassin missions! What... what are you doing, Assassin Bill?"

Assassin Bill: "Just! Ungh! Turning around! Ungh!"

Karate Man A: "Bill, that's... is that your numchucks?"

Assassin Bill: "Giggle!"

#1. The Joker

As a crime expert, I studied this comic extensively to see what went wrong. Obviously, the pies were supposed to distract the police long enough for the Joker to execute his plan of walking directly out the front entrance and through their barricade in his purple I'm-Totally-The-Joker disguise. But the pies only distracted them long enough to get them to talk about the pies, eat the pies, and then flank the Joker's position while he talked to himself. I guess I don't see why that didn't work.

He could have at least shot at their backs when they were all turning away to grin at pie.

Of course, there's one other possibility the cops probably should have considered. That's the GODDAMN Joker! You know what he likes to do as a joke? Poison you until you die! You're going to run his poisoningass down and then let him feed you?

"Ah, dispatch, we've got the suspect in those biological attacks cornered. He's lowering tantalizing pies to us. Request procedure, over. Actually, cancel that request. I'm going to just eat a few and then go apprehend him with a pie in my hand. Dispatch, remind me to ask the suspect why he's not eating the pies when we get back to base. What's that dispatch? It sounds like you're screaming NO NO NO YOU'RE INSANE, but that would be crazy."

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