5 TV Shows That Were Shameless Rip-Offs of Movies (Part 2)

#2. Look Who's Talking Plus Some CGI Becomes Baby Bob

The 80s were a crazy time. The Cold War wasn't quite over, Vanilla Ice had a career, and people thought solving Rubik's Cube was a sign of intelligence. And out of this insanity came a story about a single mom and a baby and John Travolta. Whatever. This is the talking baby movie. Bruce Willis did the voice of the baby, pairing him with Travolta years before Pulp Fiction. As revealed by the trailer below, Look Who's Talking had a lot less sodomy, murder, and use of the n-word.

At first television tried to adapt this movie for real with the loosely related series Baby Talk. Tony Danza was the voice of the baby and Amy Heckerling, who wrote and directed the movie, helped adapt it. That's not what we're talking about here, though, because this is an article about unofficial adaptations and/or "steals."

Enter Baby Bob, which is pretty much the same thing as Look Who's Talking, but with the added effect of crappy CGI to make it look like the baby's lips were moving. So, yeah, a talking baby show. I wish I could show you a clip, but I can't find one. But don't worry, Baby Bob and his amazing CGI technology went on to do a Quizno's commercial, so I think you'll see you didn't miss much.

#1. Any Which Way But Loose Inspires BJ and the Bear

In 2012, we all thought Clint Eastwood went off the deep end a little bit with his now infamous empty chair speech to Barack Obama at the Republican National Convention. But those who'd followed his career closely had probably seen signs much earlier on. Specifically, 1978's Every Which Way But Loose. The story of a trucker/fighter and his best friend, an orangutan, named Clyde. The movie, and the fact that it was made, is a testament to why cocaine is such a dangerous drug.

Against all odds, Every Which Way But Loose was a massive hit, and people in TVLand started talking:

"The kids love orangutans!" said one thoughtless douchebag at a meeting.

"No," said another. "They love truckers."

"Gentlemen," said their boss, snorting blow off the back of a small Bolivian prostitute. "Why chance it. Get me a show about a trucker AND an orangutan!"

And that is how BJ and the Bear was born, which despite its title was not about having oral sex with hairy gay guy. Instead, BJ traveled from town-to-town with his pet comic relief, helping out beautiful ladies in distress.

The show ran from 1979 to 1981, and starred Greg Evigan before he appeared in My Two Dads and TekWar. Bear went on to throw poop.


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