5 Times Fans Said, 'Here, Let Me Help' And Did

When it comes to entertainment, I'm usually not a huge supporter of fan involvement. Especially if the thing the creators made is already awesome. I'm firmly planted in the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy, because I believe that if creating kickass content was easy, everyone would be doing it, and it would pay less than minimum wage. But then these things happen, and my whole worldview gets punched right in its butthole ...

#5. Jimmy Wong Covers Adventure Time's "Bacon Pancakes"

Via Adventuretime.wikia

The Awesome Original

For the seven people who have never seen Adventure Time: It has this awesome, super weird, childlike charm that's hard to describe. If you were to gather a group of 10-year-old kids, put projectors on their imaginations, and then get them really, really high, this show is what would erupt from their thinkskulls.

A big part of that is because one of the main characters (Jake) is played by John DiMaggio, who has voice roles in probably half of your favorite cartoons, including Bender from Futurama. John is one of those rare talents who is so funny, he could tell me my mom died and I'd be totally OK with that.

In the episode "Burning Low," Jake sings a little snippet of a song he made up while cooking breakfast, and the internet did what it does best, latching onto it like it was the pinnacle of musical achievement. Twitter and Facebook were immediately saturated with GIFs, memes, videos, macros ... feel free to look those up at your leisure. I don't have the mental strength to find and link them. But the one I will direct you to is ...

The Awesome Fan Creation

Keen-eyed and super awesome observers will recognize that group of human faceheads as Jimmy Wong, who plays Fred Chu in John Dies At The End. Jimmy decided that the single verse of "Bacon Pancakes" that Adventure Time provided wasn't enough, so he gathered up a shitload of instruments and recording equipment and set out to write a full version.

What we got is one of the catchiest earworms I've ever heard. It's so goddamn smooth and professional, I'm surprised Cartoon Network didn't adopt it as their channel's overall theme. Just embedding that clip into this article guarantees I'll have it stuck in my head for the next week, and surprisingly that doesn't piss me off.

#4. Diablo Fans Get Tired Of Waiting And Make Their Own

Via Pathofexile.com

The Awesome Original

Diablo and its follow-up, the creatively named Diablo II, are among the greatest action role-playing games of all time. The weirdest thing about their popularity is that they took one of the biggest complaints from RPGs, "kill this boss 8,000 times until you get awesome gear," and modeled their entire game around it.

Strangely, it works. Awesome weapons and armor drop frequently enough that it lured gamers back to play through their virtual mazes like Pavlovian lab rats. It added a replayability that a lot of games at the time lacked. You can spend a few days blasting through the main storyline and then spend the next month using Diablo II as a means of destressing from everyday life. Just shut off your brain, kill demons, and pick up loot. It is damn near perfect.

The problem was that D2 was released in June of 2000. A year later, they released an expansion, and then ... well, that was it. Blizzard announced that they were making Diablo III seven years later, and it took another four years even after that to finish and release it. In the meantime ...

The Awesome Fan Creation

Some time around 2007, a bunch of fans got sick of waiting for not just Blizzard but any company at all to release an unshitty game in the style of Diablo II, so they said, "Fuck this. We'll create our own." Remember, D3 wasn't announced until a year after the players' decision to design their own game, and by that point, they'd already given Blizzard over six years to step up to the plate.

For the next three years, they created Path Of Exile (available at that link or on Steam) in secret, and they eventually announced the title in 2010. They officially released it in 2013, and not only is it arguably better than Blizzard's third incarnation of Devil: The Choppening, it was and still is 100 percent free. Not "free to play" or "pay to win." I mean full-on fr-motherfucking-ee. The only things you can buy with real money in this game are cosmetic items and some bank tabs.

Here's the kicker: They didn't just throw this thing out into the void and forget about it. They actually update and support it regularly. Not just content updates but four huge, cock-punching expansions. They've regularly added new classes and subclasses, leagues, hardcore modes, and one of the most awesome skill trees you'll ever see in any video game. No, seriously, check this bitch out.

#3. Mortal Kombat Gets A Gritty Makeover

Via Nerdbastards.com

The Awesome Original

Mortal Kombat is one of my guilty pleasures because it doesn't try to be something it's not. It's a movie about kicking people in the face. The plot can go fuck itself. The fight scenes are beautifully choreographed, and seeing characters like Sub-Zero and Scorpion come to life brings out the old-school video game fanboy in me. To this day, I still yell "GET OVER HERE" every chance I get, which annoys the living shit out of the people who are morally bound to tolerate me.

I can admit, though, that the lack of depth is a problem. We get some basic background on each of the main characters, but there just isn't enough time to dig into each of their lives. You can't really blame them -- the movie has like 7,000 fighters. To keep it to a respectable hour and a half, motivation has to be left at, "Your character is a movie star. Do the splits and punch that guy in the cock."

Threshold Entertainment / New Line Cinema
Awwwwww COCK!

The Awesome Fan Creation

I was tempted to not include this entry because Kevin Tancharoen isn't exactly an amateur. Even at the time this came out, he had a pretty impressive resume in the entertainment industry that ranges from being a dance choreographer for Madonna to co-creating MTV's DanceLife. Yeah, I've never heard of it either, but the point is that creating a show that ends up on MTV kind of takes you out of the amateur circle jerk. But he wasn't exactly Steven Spielberg.

That's why it's impressive that he took a big ol' hard fanboy look at Mortal Kombat and thought, "This could be so much cooler." So he filmed a gritty trailer that's almost eight minutes long and threw it up on the internet, and it is fucking awesome:

The plan was to get Warner Bros. to let him make an actual movie out of it. Being the soulless crackfarts that they are, they basically told him to lick their assholes and then gave him permission to turn it into a webseries. I was going to link to the YouTube videos, but some of them have been marked private for ... some reason? Just get all the seasons on Steam. They're free.

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