5 Simple Steps for Planning Romance (At a Convenience Store)

#2. The Anniversary Meal

OK, candy is fine, but what about our anniversary dinner? Well, as luck would have it, 7-Eleven carried my wife's favorite meal: whatever is cooking on those heaty-roller things.

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Nothing says "happy anniversary" like tube-shaped meat products.

OK, actually my wife likes sushi best, but I was pretty sure she'd be less forgiving on an empty stomach, so I pointed at a bunch of stuff and the guy packed up one of everything. I should also point out that there were other food options, like raw materials in the grocery section that would allow me to construct a more traditional meal, but that takes planning, or at least a man capable of planning, and, as someone scrambling in a convenience store for an anniversary offering at 9:30 p.m., I clearly wasn't that man.

#1. Baring Your Soul With Convenience Store Pictures

As helpful as 7-Eleven was being, I knew it couldn't do all the work. If I was going save this night, it couldn't be with something I bought in a store. I'd have to bare my soul. Express my love. Now, even though I've always turned to my ability for turning a phrase, I knew words and a jelly doughnut weren't going to get me out of this jam.

In any event, I decided I would pour my heart out to my wife in the form of a poem delivered in a PowerPoint presentation with the help of photos from 7-Eleven:

Baby, through all these years of marriage, we've always had ...

... a ball.

And I guess it's fair to say you have a ...

... lock on my heart through it all.

You're classier and more beautiful than ...

... any starlet in a magazine.

And you're sweeter than ...

... Nutella, next to a can of sardines.

If you let me off the hook this time, my heart will be as full as ...

... a cream-filled doughnut at our local 7-Eleven.

Happy anniversary, to my wife, Kevin!

(My wife's name isn't Kevin, but rhyming is important when you're being romantic.)

Well, I'm proud to say that it all worked like a charm. My wife was blown away by my creativity (it's amazing how many times she's fallen for the "creativity" move) and our local 7-Eleven's dedication to facilitating love.

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