5 Reasons Working for a Really Good Boss Sucks

#2. They Can Keep the Company Alive

Hey, here's another reason you want a frighteningly smart and competent boss: to keep your company and job alive. I know many of you understand what it's like to be out of work. After all, who but the unemployed have time to read a 2,000-plus-word column like this? (Oh, right -- stoned college students.) In any event, not having a job sucks. A lot.

Sure, your nice boss who never yells and doesn't expect too much from you because he doesn't actually know how to do things right is swell to work for, but how good is he at keeping the company and your job afloat? Whoops. Forgot to do the he/she thing on that last sentence, but it's getting exhausting to be politically correct. Do me a favor: Going forward, just pretend all the bosses I'm referring to are she-males.

Cracked Editor-in-Chief Jack O'Brien, or Jacqueline, to his employees who want to be fired.

But a Frighteningly Talented Boss ...

Not surprisingly, the skills that rise a half-talent to power and keep him (she-male) there are not necessarily the same skills that can keep a business successful. Some people -- be they clients or the general public -- want actual competence and results on occasion. Not often, but sometimes not all the hidden information, smiles and tricks can compensate for mediocrity. A truly talented boss can keep your bread and butter coming.

#1. They Make You Smarter So You Can Be the Boss

Whether they want to or not, bosses set tones. Even those who aren't leading at all still set an example. If you work for a half-talent who rose to power and maintains it through deceit and guile, you will learn to be deceitful and beguiling. You will learn to play your cards close to the chest instinctively, devoid of any understanding of what and why you're exactly hiding. You will learn to be distrustful. How to play games. And not fun games like Hungry, Hungry Hippos, either.

Hungry Hungry Hippos
Yeah, corporate games have a lot more lies and fewer marbles.

And maybe if you play every game and leap every shitty hurdle you will get to sit on the throne some day. But you still won't be good at your job. You'll just be a good successor to the shit boss you had. And you won't be someone creating a quality product; you'll just be creating more future shitty bosses like the one you've become. Maybe you're OK with that. I'm guessing most people are actually totally OK with that. And I guess I understand, because most people just simply don't have the raw talent to ever be anything other than that kind of a boss, and why shouldn't they get to have nice cars, too?

But a Frighteningly Talented Boss ...

The talented boss will teach you how to be good at your job. Your real job. Not the job of appearing successful. The job you're supposed to be doing, like managing a restaurant or being a lawyer or organizing a call center. Whatever. Even if they're assholes. Even if they don't actually care about teaching you. Just the exposure to someone who can do that job right and is open and up front about it will make you a better employee. It will give you a real skill set that you can take with you. It will give you the ability to become the boss one day. One who deserves the big office and pretty ficus plant. One whose intelligence and talent will create better employees and better future bosses.

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