5 More Great Book Ideas 'The Man' Is Too Afraid to Publish

My Internet-to-Book Transplant Book

Your favorite funny, quick-hitting website already has a book on the shelves. Whenever a publisher sees a funny thing online, something inside them instantly snaps and makes them think, Say, wouldn't this be better if it was on paper and people had to pay for it? And, of course, they're right. Taking something that's popular on the Internet and turning it into a book is so common, we've already done it. Still, as Theodore Roosevelt once said in a book I wrote, "You should always fucking do a thing twice if it's good. Karate Kick!" Since a Cracked.com book already exists, I figured I'd make a novelization of the other website on which I spend all of my time.

This is probably the only book on the market that will tell you what I, specifically, am searching for at all times, and how I feel about it.

From Chapter 3:

From Chapter 6:

From Chapter 11:

From Chapter 12:

From Chapter 13:

From Chapter 22:

My Teen Bullshit Book

It's got vampires in it.

Like, all over it.

Daniel O'Brien is a contributing author to Cracked.com's You Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News (now a New York Times Best Seller for three straight weeks!). Order your copy right here or Theodore Roosevelt will eat your dreams.

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