5 Kids Games Hollywood Hasn't Ruined (Yet)

#2. The Game of Life

A college professor decides to take a leave of absence to reconnect with his children and ex-wife. Together they set out on a road trip across the United States. He aims to both see the heart of America and to win back the heart of his one true love. But the trip meets tribulation when the car breaks down in desert of Arizona and the family must pull together as a unit to stay alive. Relationships are tested proving that the roads of life are not always straight and the destination isn't always clear. Also, one of them is in a wheelchair.

#1. Risk

The world of 2040 is ravaged by nuclear war. Countries have picked up the pieces and started over but now lack the technological prowess they had once achieved. Even with weaponry set back centuries, greed and power are still the driving forces of all humanity. The earth is embroiled in a world war fought with only cavalry, infantry and cannons. Nations have allied into continents and now invade other continents on whims.

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