5 Jobs That Only Exist to Make the Modern World Look Dumber

#2. Hamster Ass Photographer

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In fairness, I am willing to presume the makers of the hamuketsu books are able to photograph other things and could therefore be considered simply "photographers." A photographer is a real job that I am OK with. In fact, there's a photographer out there named Felix Clay who must be a real wonderful and handsome fellow. Good for him! But that's not our concern for today because, arguably, the makers of the hamuketsu books could have retired right after making them, meaning their job was, specifically, hamster ass photographer, and that is something I cannot abide.

If the previous paragraph didn't give it away, hamuketsu is a Japanese term for hamster asses, and it exists because people have been making books filled with pictures of hamster asses. Do you know what people do with books filled with hamster asses? Nothing good, I'll tell you that. What could you possibly do with them? Look at them? Jack it? I have no idea, but there's no sane option.

How popular are hamster asses in Japan, you may ask? The answer is "for fuck's sake." Translated into non-exasperated English, over 40,000 copies have already been sold. Forty thousand Japanese people. That's like the entire city of Salem, Massachusetts, every man, woman, and child, owning a copy of a book that features nothing but photographs of hamster asses. And if you want to really have your mind blown, ask yourself if anyone wanted a book of hamster asses before it existed, or if this trailblazing hamster ass photographer start the trend on his own, simply by taking a picture one day of some hamster's ass, looking at it, and thinking, "Yeah ... yeah, this is it."

#1. Social Media Expert

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I work for a company that has a social media expert, and I almost feel bad for him. Almost. Like the way you'd feel bad for someone who tried to dive off a cliff into the ocean but hit the rocks on the way down. It's unfortunate, but also, couldn't you see those rocks there, dumbass? Likewise, the social media expert chose to do this to himself. He chose to pretend he knows how to assist your business through the use of things like Facebook and Twitter. Fun fact: No one's business has ever been improved by Twitter. You hear me? No one. One person in a million found a way to make money off of Twitter, and that includes the people who invented Twitter.

And Facebook? No social media expert knows how to parlay Facebook into anything, because there's no such thing as a social media expert. You don't know what I want to see on Facebook, and do you know why? Because fuck you and fuck Facebook. I don't even have Facebook. And people who do have Facebook want to see hilarious cat pictures, or dumb criminals, or stories about Justin Bieber getting punched, or stories about orangutans, or memes, or recipes for maple fudge, or literally everything else on earth, because literally everyone else on earth, except me, is on Facebook, and no one has a goddamn clue what all of them want to see.

This is what a social media expert does -- they put a post on your Facebook page and see how many people interacted with it. Then they make another post. If more people interact with one post than the other, they try to replicate the more popular one. Was it a picture? We'll post more pictures. Was it a helpful story? We'll post more helpful stories. A marmot could do what a social media expert does, and they all know it. No one must live in as much fear as a social media expert because no one has done so little to get the word "expert" included in their title, all tenuously balanced on a stunning pile of virtual bullshit and a vague understanding of Pinterest.

Social media is a buzz term; you can tell because of how often the rest of the media use it. People and businesses have been convinced for the last few years that social media is of vital importance to their business and they have no idea why. And this in turn bred a whole league of people who are more than happy to get paid to assure you it will help your business and it will help even more if you hire them. And now look how you have 100,000 new Facebook friends. Isn't that great? I mean, they don't go to your store or order shit from you, but they like your page, so that's somehow not completely and utterly useless, right? No. No sir.

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