5 Iconic Movie Scenes Almost Cut for Idiotic Reasons

#2. The Most Famous Scene from The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Was Almost Thrown Out to Save $300

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The Scene:

If you've never seen The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, you'll really regret it after you find out that this 1994 cult classic stars Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce, and Terence Stamp as three fabulous drag queens traveling by bus through the Australian Outback. In case you're still not looking for the movie on Netflix, maybe this scene will help convince you:

At one point in the film, after the group has their bus vandalized with homophobic slurs, Guy Pearce tries to cheer everyone up by getting on the roof and practicing his opera lip-synching of "Sempre libera" from Verdi's La traviata. While doing so, he also lets a giant silver sheet flutter behind him, creating an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind scene that even ended up on the official movie poster:

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How We Almost Lost It:

Priscilla was made on a budget of between $1 and $2 million, or about half of what Hollywood spends to CG Iron Man's left buttock. The entire wardrobe budget (an essential part of a film about flamboyant cross-dressers) was a laughable $5,000. So when the production had the chance to scrap an "unnecessary" sequence that served no real purpose but would cost them like $300 (or roughly 15 dresses), most of the crew declared it deader than bell-bottoms. Naturally, they were talking about Guy Pearce's bus opera.

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Which I think was about the forbidden love between a moth and a baked potato.

However, the movie's director, Stephan Elliott, sensed the importance of the scene right away and fought to leave it in. To everyone else, it might have seemed excessive and pointless, but that was the whole point of it. The scene was meant to be a nonsensical experience, a larger-than-life spectacle that fit so perfectly into a story about three transvestites out on an adventure. Yes, it wasn't complex, but big emotions can often come from the simplest acts, like a young drag queen trying to take his friends' minds off the fact that some people out there want to hurt them simply because of who they are.

#1. Walt Disney Thought That the Spaghetti Scene from Lady and the Tramp Was Too Silly for the Movie

Walt Disney Pictures

The Scene:

Despite Lady and the Tramp being the second Disney flick I ever saw, I barely remember anything about it. (I do, however, remember every detail about the time I ate a handful of dirt on a dare in second grade, because my brain is a stupid asshole.) Two scenes from the movie stand out in my memory, though: One is the nightmarishly creepy rat trying to kill a baby:

Walt Disney Pictures

And the other is the movie's famous spaghetti kiss scene:

But of course everyone remembers and loves this scene. It's probably what got the movie on the list of the greatest love stories of all time -- it's just so great at conveying the message that love is stronger than any class divide.

Walt Disney Pictures
Let's just hope it's also stronger than the toxins found in onions and garlic that can prove fatal to dogs.

How We Almost Lost It:

While reviewing the script for the movie, Walt Disney felt that the spaghetti kiss should be cut because, according to him, dogs sharing an Italian dinner would just look ridiculous. He wasn't convinced that the whole thing could look romantic until animator Frank Thomas showed Disney his sketches of two dogs in love enjoying a meal together, which to be sure is a weird thing to have on hand, but whatever, it worked, we're not here to judge. In Disney's defense, maybe he wanted to make the story as realistic as possible.

Then again, here are some of the things from Lady and the Tramp that Disney apparently considered perfectly normal and not at all silly:

Dogs enjoying tea and doughnuts.

Walt Disney Pictures

Hive-mind cats that are also horrible Asian stereotypes.

Walt Disney Pictures

And zoo beavers biting muzzles off of dogs as if that sort of thing went down daily outside of Disney's office.

Walt Disney Pictures
"I think they were technically trying to kill each other."

However, I am willing to admit that, unless a scene has an actual brick of C4 attached to it, there really is no way to tell whether it's going to blow or not, so Disney can probably be forgiven for worrying how people would react to the pasta kiss. I mean, pirate-fighting immortals and flying baby elephants are one thing, but a romantic dinner between two dogs? The audience can only accept so many absurd flights of fancy.

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