5 Different Boozes With Their Own Unique Buzz

#2. Gin

Oh, gin, gin, gin. What can I tell you about gin? Actually, nothing. I never drink gin. I hate gin. I've always hated gin, and as a gin hater, I've never tried to overcome that hatred so I could say I like gin. I don't like gin. I hate gin. I've had it a few times and never gotten drunk off it, for the same reason I haven't gotten drunk off fermented psychedelic toadstools covered in ox puke. I mean, maybe it would give you a buzz, but who could suck down enough to find out?

Accordingly, I'm now going to make this entry about tequila.

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images
"WTF, you can't just switch it like that! Can you?"

Yeah, I can. I'm off the rails, baby. But why not give tequila it's own entry, you ask? I'll tell you why: because my personal experiences on tequila don't support an entry, either. I haven't drunk it for like twenty years, because, let's face it, tequila is for kids and banditos (That's not racist. I mean like actual Mexican outlaws, not people of Mexican extraction. Why you always got to think the worst of people, Internet?).

So yeah, I don't have any stories about tequila affecting me differently than other booze, but since this is the freakier entry of the list, I will tell you a little story. My junior year of college, during the height of my alcohol tolerance, I did about twelve shots of tequila in one night while watching Planet of the Apes movies. To my surprise, I didn't get drunk. I went to bed at 2 a.m., woke up at 7 a.m. without a hangover, and walked about a mile to my campus job where I'd deliver mail to the English professors.

Here's the thing. At like 8:30 a.m., all the booze that I thought I was impervious to suddenly hit me at once, and I got incredibly drunk. I told my boss I had to go home sick because I had a "bad Mexican food" the night before (I know! A good lie even when drunk) and staggered home. As I continued walking, I got increasingly nauseated. Still, I soldiered on, and when I was like a fifth of a mile from my home, I suddenly knew I had to puke. Problem was, I was on a bridge over a gorge. A gorge where lots of people killed themselves. I considered puking into the gorge, but I knew I was drunk and imagined falling to my death. I pictured my mother thinking I killed myself. I knew it was unlikely, both that I would fall to my death and that anyone would believe I'd kill myself without first leaving a long, whiny suicide note, but I was too scared to puke in the gorge.

I made it all the way to the other side and then puked in public. But in a bush, so no one saw me and no one knew, until the moment where I shared it with the whole world wide web because I had nothing relevant to say about gin.

#1. Whiskey/Scotch

First things first. Some of you may be asking, well which is it, whiskey or scotch? Here's the thing I didn't know until I was a grown-up: scotch is whiskey; it's just whiskey from Scotland.

Here's a picture I took while researching this column via Jameson's Irish Whiskey. [Exhibit A on Gladstone IRS 1040 deductions form]

Scotch makes me ... calm, happy, and sentimental.

Yeah, I know some people have issues with the dark liquors, but some time in the last two years, I realized I shouldn't be drinking anything else. I'm not shilling for the whiskey industry, and of course whiskey, like any drug, can cause addiction, and has ruined countless lives. When it comes to drinking now, however, this is where I go nine times out of ten. It is just simply mellowing and nice for me. Sure, yoga and meditation work, and those don't destroy your liver, but all I'm saying is that I don't always drink, but when I do, it's scotch.

Science says this happens because ...

Again, it doesn't. Some people claim whiskey makes them mean and angry. Another friend told me it's the buzz that's closest to weed.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty
Yep. Him.

But this is my experience. Scotch just treats me more nicely than any other booze, and while obtaining this feeling of well-being without a beverage is a noble and healthful endeavor, it's nice that I've learned enough about my body chemistry (minus the actual science details) to pick the poisons that work for me best.


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