5 Celebrities Who Get More Hate Than They Deserve (Part 4)

#2. Nancy Grace

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Why All the Hate?

To say that Nancy Grace has an unpleasant personality would be putting it far too mildly. There isn't an adjective that properly reaches the depths of just how uncomfortable it is to hear her talk. It's something people comment on all the time, and I totally agree. That said, there's always been one thing that's bothered me about how vehemently people hate Nancy Grace.

Why She Doesn't Deserve It

Almost exclusively, Nancy Grace reserves her angry words and general unpleasantness for the perpetrators of heinous crimes and the police and prosecutors who do a terrible job of bringing them to justice. In a lot of cases, the main source of her anger is the senseless murder of an innocent child. Yes, her voice is grating on the nerves, and her anger comes out sounding more like comedy in a lot of cases, but still, isn't murder the kind of thing we want people getting unreasonably angry about?

Not while the World Cup is on!

I mean, Joan Rivers gets every bit as angry over what Taylor Swift wears on the red carpet, but we just call her a legend. Why isn't anyone mad at her for spending her golden years obsessing over fashion choices?

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Because you don't care, hopefully.

Oh, but there's also the part where she milks unfortunate crimes for entertainment purposes, right? Yes, because America's Most Wanted and Cops never had commercials, apparently. Everything on television is there for entertainment, first and foremost. If there is educational value to be found in something you watch on television, that's because it's programming aimed at people who are entertained by learning shit, not because those are the "good" shows. Nancy Grace wouldn't have a career in television if there wasn't a huge segment of the population that loves to watch courtroom drama unfold in real life. You do realize people just show up and watch that shit in person, right?

Happy 20th, O.J. trial!

Getting mad at her for calling play-by-play on a court case is no different from getting mad at Al Michaels for doing Sunday Night Football. In both cases, their job is to add commentary to an event that a lot of people want to watch. I understand that Nancy Grace's delivery doesn't sit well with a lot of people, but so what? A lot of people thought John Madden was annoying as shit as an announcer, but he kept the job for a whole lot of years nevertheless.

Probably because he's the only man on Earth who knows how to properly cook a turducken.

If anything, I'd think people would be a little more understanding when Nancy Grace goes overboard the way she does, given the subject matter she's dealing with. There are a lot worse things a person can be passionate about than justice for murdered children, you know?

#1. Tyler Perry

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Why All the Hate?

Tyler Perry, first and foremost, gets hate for making terrible movies. Sure, most of those people have never seen a Tyler Perry movie to know for sure how bad they really are, but what do you need to see? Isn't the poster usually enough?

Can't wait to never see it!

That's basically Big Momma's House Part 6 or something, right? Just more of that cross-dressing comedy that Dave Chappelle complained about way back when he first resurfaced after his Comedy Central debacle. Spike Lee basically said as much in an interview when asked about Tyler Perry's success, and it's a hard point to argue against if you're basing your opinion on movie posters alone.

Why They Don't Deserve It

Here's what you don't realize about Tyler Perry's Madea movies -- they are dark as shit. If you think I mean that in a racial sense, you're racist. Everyone else should understand that I mean that, underneath the surface, those movies are barely comedies. Take the chucklefest that is Madea's Family Reunion.

Not exactly the cast of characters you'd expect in a movie with a sentence like this in its plot summary:

"Vanessa is trying to find love while struggling to forgive her mother for allowing her stepfather to rape her numerous times in her younger teen years."

Excuse me? Where was Big Momma when all this was happening? Or how about this pair of dandies from Madea Goes to Jail?

"Candace runs away from Josh's apartment and is back on the streets working as a prostitute, until she gets picked up and arrested by an undercover cop."

"He ended up leaving Candace behind at the party, where a group of his friends gang raped her, for which Josh continues to harbor deep-seated guilt."

See, Tyler Perry's Madea movies aren't the black version of the Ernest Goes to Camp franchise, no matter what the posters may imply to the contrary. Rather, they're more like the movies Spike Lee probably thinks he makes posing as Ernest Goes to Camp movies as a means to rope in audiences that wouldn't normally be drawn to a drama about rape and other assorted family matters. It's kind of like how Babe: Pig in the City seems like a silly kids' movie from all outward appearances, but is actually a sort-of drama that touches on a bunch of social issues. Gene Siskel named it the best film of 1998, and no, I'm not making any of that up.

The Tyler Perry of animal movies.

Dismiss it all you want, but Madea is possibly the most subversive character in Hollywood right now. Those movies are not Tyler Perry at his silliest. They are Tyler Perry being way too heavy for most audiences to handle.

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