4 Shows The CW Network Should Absolutely Make Next

#2. Rumpelstiltskin


Journalist COLLEEN FINNEGAN works for the failing Channel 7 News in Chicago. She fears for her job and the state of the news media in general until the night she's visited by a very tiny, handsome, mysterious man (about 5'7"). He offers her scoops on big events, some of which haven't even happened yet, spinning all of her coverage into gold. Suddenly, the station sees ratings like never before as Colleen continually breaks stories before anyone else. But it comes with a price -- the little man (certainly no taller than 5'8") has made her promise to marry him in four years' time in exchange for all the scoops. Now she's left to wonder about her miniature source (maybe 5'9", but only in certain pairs of shoes), who refuses to give his name. How does he know so much? Is he partially responsible for all the tragedies she covers? Is he a magic imp from the future? Colleen has to put her journalism skills to the test as she tries to unlock the secrets while simultaneously juggling the newfound indulgences and helicopter rides of a famous field reporter.


#1. Three Billy Goats Gruff


Twenty-something CAROLINE moves across the country when her boyfriend, JASPER, is forced to relocate for his job, but during her first day in the new city, she is hit by a rickshaw and loses her memory! As she struggles to piece her life back together and Jasper scrambles to find clues about her disappearance, fate guides them back into one another's arms, proving that no city is too large to conquer love. Once they're back together, however, Caroline immediately starts drinking more and taking dangerous, sexually promiscuous risks. Jasper is clueless to her double life as she systematically seduces and sleeps with each of his friends, even going after his own brother and father. As she spins out of control in a cycle of self-hatred and newly awakened lust, concepts like love and integrity collapse around her into vicious jealousy and even murder, but Caroline only watches it all burn and smiles at the devastation for which she is responsible. It is sad and bitter and violent, but it is also a cautionary tale about getting proper treatment after a severe head injury, because sometimes the contusions cause lasting brain damage. Oh, also, they're all goats.


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