4 Reasons Your Employer Doesn't Care If You're Happy Or Not

Do you have a good job, one that makes you feel happy and fulfilled? Congratulations! You're probably not real. Or maybe you are, but for the vast majority of people, that's not the case. Most people hate their jobs. Seventy percent of people hate their jobs, in fact, and that number probably isn't going down any time soon. But knowing you and most others hate work as you do, have you ever wondered why? Why does the company you work for suck so hard? Why does it keep sucking like a great, puckered suckhole out in the sucky vacuum of the suckiest part of space?

It's entirely possible that you work for the best company on Earth and love your job, and just as likely that you work for the best company on Earth but hate your job because you're an entitled douche who is never happy. But it's most likely that you work for a company, maybe a massive chain of some kind with a huge infrastructure, that is so large and so inept that, through negligence or plain stupidity, it has actually grown a culture of dickery that ruins work for most of its employees on a regular basis. And it has no plans to stop, because the machine still works. And why does it work? This is why!

#4. Who Works Here, Anyway?

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I have worked a lot of really douche jobs in my day, including a few at some of your more well-known stores of international infamy. Basically, the Fortune-500-style chain stores exist and sell shit in every major city in North America and abroad because they have the resources to simply force competition out and the name recognition to get customers in.

At one particular place of employment that sold various electronics and computers, I couldn't help but notice that my manager was a complete and total asshole. He was verbally abusive and degrading at different points to employees, he was extremely sexist, he played favorites with "the boys" -- those few employees who kissed his ass and acted like his best friend -- and he was happy to keep people for extended hours without proper pay by threatening firings. Total dickfaced shit weasel he was. And on the day I quit and told him as much, I wondered how it was I was the only person who had done such a thing. He reacted with absolute shock, and I was disgusted to discover that his surprise was sincere. He had no idea he was a dickhead who was hated by his employees.

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"Seriously!?! You're a cunt, a dick, and an asshole. You're a hat trick of fuckery."

Thinking back, we had two kinds of employees at this store, and at most of my early jobs, things were the same. You can really see this in fast food, in fact. One kind of employee is your younger kid who just doesn't give a shit. The job puts money in their pocket, they don't have a lot of experience in the working world, they don't have any personal investment in the business, and the job means nothing. It means so little that they actually don't quit because they can't muster up the care to hate it that much. It's a thing to do and it's a paycheck, so who gives a shit if the boss is an asshole? Aren't all bosses supposed to be assholes?

The other kind of employee is on the opposite end of the spectrum from your no-shit-giving kid, and that's the lifer. This is a single mom, an older person without the skill set to do a lot of modern computer or technological work, a disabled person, a guy with a pregnant wife and three kids at home and a mortgage. These are people who needed work, who need to support themselves and a family. And this job might not be ideal, it might not be a dream fulfilled, but it keeps them and the people they care about alive, so they need it. They need it so badly that they will eat their bosses' shit with a big ol' grin on their face because pride takes a backseat to necessity.

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You can't pay rent in dignity-dollars.

And this is how your Walmarts thrive. This is how a massive company can treat its employees like garbage and never see a reason to change. Because most people never complain. Most employees can't or won't risk it, out of fear or apathy.

#3. What About Everyone Else?

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Not everyone is a shiftless teen or a desperate parent in need of a job. But of the small number of employees left over who get stuck in a job that's a 9-5 unrequested buttfucking with a rusty hammer day in and day out, you mostly get people who eat their dissatisfaction the way a bodybuilder eats protein powder. You just power that shit down, because who are you to rock the boat?

Any given situation has a status quo -- a kind of homeostasis that exists when we walk into it -- and few of us ever want to be the standout person who takes a shit on that. If you get a job and discover that your boss likes to call everyone "dick smoker" as a pet name, you're going to be more apt to tolerate it when you discover the 40 other people at work all tolerate it. Maybe some even laugh, and one asshole made himself a personalized "dick smoker" T-shirt to celebrate how great he thinks it is.

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"Are you sure about the full sleeves?"
"I need this raise."

The only upside to being in a position like this is knowing you're right. But you're going to doubt your feelings constantly when you see everyone else toeing the company line or accepting whatever bullshit that management tosses their way. So you'll probably keep quiet. And maybe you are the person who stands up and says "fuck this," but most other people won't. Don't believe me? Walmart saw $476 billion in revenue last year, and by all accounts in the news, working there is like working for Satan's asshole cousin. Clearly, most employees take it and shut up, no matter what it is.

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