4 Horror Movie Mashups That Would Creep You Out Big Time

Most movie mashups suck. Alien Vs. Predator was made by people with zero respect for either original monster, and Freddy Vs. Jason is such a disaster that I honestly couldn't tell you if I've never seen it, or I did see it and my brain blocked it out like a traumatic memory with a drunk uncle. But I think I've figured out the problem: These movies are made by people who are trying to make movies that fit in both franchises rather than the horrifying, psychotically cruel abominations that would result from such an unholy coupling. Which is why I humbly submit that I'm the only asshole in the world who's enough of a jerk to say that we should make a movie about ...

#4. Lt. Ellen Ripley From Aliens Vs. Freddy Krueger From A Nightmare On Elm Street

20th Century Fox/New Line Cinema


Freddy Krueger is the dream-demon star of the Nightmare On Elm Street series of films. His murder method is to invade dreams and murder the dreamer, kind of like Inception, but way more badass, because in the Nightmare world, being murdered in a dream means you die in real life. Sometimes by being sucked into a bed-blender and blasted onto the ceiling.

Lt. Ellen Ripley is the sole survivor of the Nostromo tragedy, in which an unidentified alien organism popped out of her buddy's chest and proceeded to kill the ever-loving hell out of every single one of her crew-mates. Though she's haunted by the experience, she demonstrates incredible resourcefulness, grace under pressure, and the strength to do whatever it takes to survive.

20th Century Fox
Or, ya know, not.

While this looks like a pretty intense match-up at first, it's actually extremely one-sided: Krueger can only attack Ripley through her dreams, and Ripley's dreams are full of murderous insectoid aliens with acid blood. You might think that Freddy can control them, but I beg to differ: In A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, we learn that dreamers can use their memories and fantasies to their advantage, and I'm pretty sure the traumatic memory of an alien attack is more powerful than Freddy's weird and poorly explained magic. So, in the mashup, titled A Nightmare On The Sulaco, we see ...

Sample Scene:


A MAN in a red and green sweatshirt and fedora slowly makes his way down the hallway, backlit by fluorescent lights in a really scary way. Fans of the horror know him as FREDDY KRUEGER, the DREAM DEMON who BLENDED JOHNNY DEPP IN A BED. People who aren't fans of horror think he's a MEN'S RIGHTS ACTIVIST who shops at GOODWILL.

FREDDY drags his METAL CLAWS against the wall dramatically. There are SPARKS, even though that's highly unlikely.

Warner Bros. Pictures
Krueger's claws are made out of the same stuff as Marty McFly's skateboard.

(a voiceover; we can hear his thoughts)
Aww yeah. Creepy hospital? In what looks like space? And my claws are straight sparking? This is a good dream. Everything's coming up Freddy.

Down the hall, we hear a WOMAN SCREAM. Fans of horror recognize the voice as ELLEN RIPLEY, hero of the ALIEN franchise. People who aren't fans of horror are still totally out of the loop on this one. Not even sure why they're in the theater, to be honest. The Intern is playing next door; maybe they should go see that.

(actually talking, referring to the scream)
Music to my ears.

(his thoughts again)

Freddy bounds down the hospital hallway like an EXCITED PUPPY and BURSTS INTO THE HOSPITAL ROOM, where we catch the tail end of THIS DREAM.

20th Century Fox

Kill Me!

FREDDY is sorta taken aback. His plans to SLASH AT PEOPLE and QUIP seem sorta lame now.


The alien BURSTS out of Ripley's chest. It's horrifying. Freddy feels kinda extraneous and turns to leave, but the HOSPITAL HALLWAY has transformed into the hallway at HADLEY'S HOPE, otherwise known as THE PLACE WHERE ALL THE STUFF IN ALIENS HAPPENS.


Instantly, dozens of ALIENS are coming out the walls. FREDDY claws at one of them, and the streaks of blood MELT HIS CLAWS OFF. A bunch of the ALIENS hiss at him. He SCREAMS LIKE A BABY, transforms into the MONSTER WORM from DREAM WARRIORS, only SMALLER, and scurries pitifully off to safety. He CRIES for several hours in a corner somewhere. Until ...

RIPLEY steps out from behind a hallway. Behind her is HICKS and NEWT, alive, because this is a dream. Fans of Aliens in the audience SCREAM AND CLAP WITH DELIGHT until their hands are BLOODY STUMPS.

Looks like another colonist made it. He's badly burned, though.

Get him up. We have to keep moving.

Yes. It'll be dark soon. And they mostly come at night.


The AUDIENCE SCREAMS SO HARD they FUCKING ASPHYXIATE. The THEATER is filled with DEAD PEOPLE by the time the movie ends. It's like The Fucking Stand in there.

The End:

Ripley spends the whole movie keeping Freddy alive, until at the end he learns the true meaning of friendship and sacrifices himself to blast the queen alien out of the airlock. "Tell my story, Ripley," he tearfully whispers through the glass as the compartment prepares to depressurize. "Tell them of the man I became, in the end."

"I will," she promises. Then she wakes up and completely forgets everything that happened. She only remembers the first half of the dream, where the alien was in her chest at the hospital, and the rest of Aliens proceeds as normal.

#3. Damien From The Omen Vs. Death From Final Destination

20th Century Fox/New Line Cinema


In The Omen, Damien Thorn lives up to his obviously evil name by being the son of Satan and brings about the deaths of those who oppose him by causing ridiculous accidents, like sudden storms that scare a priest toward a church only to be impaled by a falling lightning rod like a particularly devout shish kabob. Or making a truck's parking brake slip, allowing it to roll down a hill and decapitate a photographer with one of the sheets of glass it's been carrying around.

20th Century Fox
This movie is fucking rad.

In Final Destination, five sexy teenagers and a gross middle-aged person narrowly escape death when their plane explodes without them on it. They quickly learn that Death's supervisor is a stickler for meeting quotas. So one by one the characters die in cartoonishly convoluted ways. The best is probably the woman whose coffee mug cracks, thereby leaking a trail of vodka from her stove to her computer, which explodes when it gets wet, shooting a piece of glass from the monitor into her neck, causing her to stumble back into the kitchen while the explosion from the computer lights the trail of vodka, which leads back to the bottle of vodka, which then explodes, because sure. None of that ends up mattering, though, because in an attempt to tourniquet her freshly aerated throat, the poor woman accidentally knocks a carving knife into her chest. Then a shelf collapses, pressing the carving knife that extra quarter-inch it needed to go to kill her.

New Line Cinema
Then some guy shows up and helps not at all.

In the movie mashup, titled Final DestinOmen, Damien "The Antichrist" Thorn suffers a strange premonition about being crushed to death underneath a giant corrugated metal heart and bails on the Justin Bieber concert at the last minute, then battles absurd Rube Goldberg machines of death in what would undoubtedly play out as a 90-minute parody of a movie about OSHA compliance.

Sample Scene:


DAMIEN THORN, also known as THE ANTICHRIST, is wearing a My Chemical Romance sweatshirt and has earbuds in, because this screenwriter went to college in the MID-2000s and this is what he thinks a BAD KID would be like. It's been three weeks since Damien skipped out on the Bieber concert, so he's dodged like 12 improbable deaths by now and knows to stay away from dangerous situations. But the abandoned construction site shaves four and a half minutes off his walk home, so fuck it.

Kim Steele/Photodisc/Getty Images

Around him, all kinds of DANGEROUS SITUATIONS are happening. a TAXI DRIVER is arguing with an ANNOYING WEALTHY PASSENGER on the street next to the construction site. On the roof of the apartment building to Damien's left, a CIRCUS CLOWN practices his FLAMING CHAINSAW JUGGLING right at the EDGE OF THE ROOF. On the second floor of the same apartment building, a CRAZY VIETNAM VET is loading his CANNON because let's play into the "crazed veteran" stereotype. Outside the apartment building's lobby, a HIPSTER smokes a CIGARETTE next to his GOTH GIRLFRIEND, who is carrying in her purse a collection of VINTAGE GRENADES FROM WORLD WAR II because everyone has a thing and that's hers. On the roof of the neighboring building, a drunk man balances a GRAND PIANO on ONE LEG, right next to the edge.

Yes ... yes ... perfect.



I say we just let it out. I mean, how much natural gas can we really have?

Are you nuts? The mayor will have our ass!

What're the odds that it'll blow? For this to be a problem there'd have to be somebody smoking cigarettes up top! Who smokes cigarettes in this day and age?

I suppose you're right, Larry. Say, you wanna cigarette?

Do I!

They're both about to light up when suddenly Larry smacks the lighter out of BUB'S hands.

Hey, what're you doing? You want this whole place to blow up?



Suddenly, at the top of the construction site, we see a BOLT in a GIANT METAL T-BAR come loose, and the bar shoots down toward Damien's head!

But Damien is too quick: He looks up and "AVE SATANI" starts playing.

Some of the NATURAL GAS from the SEWER drifts up and connects with the CIGARETTE in the HIPSTER'S MOUTH. The explosion fills the sewer with fire, giving THOSE CHARACTERS WE LIKE a swift but violent and painful death. The blast also launches a MANHOLE COVER into the air, deflecting the STEEL T-BAR into the apartment with the CANNON, which is deflected toward the ceiling and immediately explodes, launching a cannonball up to the roof, where it obliterates the CHAINSAW JUGGLER and sends several of the CHAINSAWS tumbling down toward Damien's head. Then the Hipster's girlfriend's VINTAGE WORLD WAR II grenades explode, shooting the spinning death-machines back up to the roof, where they destabilize the PIANO THAT WAS BALANCED THERE FOR NO REASON, which falls toward Damien. Again, "AVE SATANI" starts playing and the ANGRY TAXI DRIVER turns to shout at the ANNOYING WEALTHY PASSENGER and smacks into a 1992 HONDA PRELUDE, which sends him hurtling through the air, deflecting the piano and saving Damien's life.

This whole scene takes up 7.4 seconds of screen time. The entire movie is like this.

The End:

It'll be left ambiguous. You don't go to these kinds of films for closure.

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