4 Hilarious Scenes Left Out of Comic Book Movies

#2. Man of Steel -- Superman Kills a Villain, Turns Hispanic

What They Got from the Comics:

Spoilers if you haven't seen Man of Steel, or if you've only seen the destruction-porn scenes at Google Image Search or Mr. Skin: At the end of the movie Superman breaks his no-killing rule by wasting General Zod (who was basically Hitler with eye lasers and flying powers). It's the most controversial scene in the movie, because Superman would never do anything like that in the comics ... except in the 1988 one where he totally did. Same guy and all.

DC Comics
And two other people who just happened to be passing by.

The method of execution is different (kryptonite in the comic and a broken neck in the film), but the context for Superman's decision is the same: Zod smugly says he'll never stop being a murderous dickwad, and Superman goes, "Oh, yeah? Well-" *murders him* ... and then feels just terrible about it.

Warner Bros.
That or he's shitting on Zod's corpse, I'm not sure.

What They Left Out:

Movie Superman is apparently a lot better at putting things behind him than comic book Superman. In Man of Steel, two minutes after Zod's death Superman is making out with Lois Lane among the rubble, so he seems pretty OK now. In the comic, however, he spends pages sitting in a dark room thinking about what he did and sleep-trashing his apartment while having crazy nightmares about Zod.

DC Comics
Fun fact: Half of all images of Superman are also poop faces, apparently.

Eventually, Superman finds only one way of coping with what he did: developing the split personality of Gangbuster, a Hispanic nunchaku-wielding vigilante who goes around beating criminals every night. Unfortunately, there's already another Gangbuster out there who doesn't appreciate Superman cribbing his style, even if Superman has no idea he's doing it. Because he's crazy.

DC Comics
"I would have cribbed Batman's style, but I'm not suicidal."

Upon being confronted with the fact that he's clearly had a mental breakdown and shouldn't be around people anymore, Superman takes that literally and exiles himself in space for several months, until he comes across a Kryptonian gizmo called the Eradicator that helps him get his head straight. Shockingly, it later turns out that the Eradicator isn't as benign as its name suggests, and it manipulates Superman into becoming the cold and brutal Krypton Man. It's only then, after subduing his second split personality (two years after this storyline started), that Superman finally makes peace with having killed Zod.

Now, don't get me wrong: I love this period in Superman comics. I have a whole Tumblr just to talk about it. But do I wanna see all this glorious mess in movie form? Nope. Partly because they couldn't do a long and convoluted storyline like this justice in two, four, or even eight hours, and partly because I really don't need to see Henry Cavill made up to look Hispanic.

It Gets Sillier:

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one thing: While self-exiled in space, Superman grows a sweet hobo beard and becomes a gladiator in an alien arena world.

DC Comics
OK, I do need to see this in a movie.

#1. X2 -- The X-Men Meet Leprechauns

What They Got from the Comics:

The second X-Men movie is, to me, the best X-Men movie, because it borrows heavily from the greatest period in X-Men comics: that sweet spot in the late '70s and early '80s when Wolverine was still cool and mysterious, Jean Grey was evolving from "Professor X with boobs" to the most powerful member of the team, and they had awesome guys like Nightcrawler and Colossus running around (Colossus has only a cameo in the movie, but it still counts).

Seriously, if you enjoyed X2 but never bothered with the comics because they seemed too confusing, go check out the early Chris Claremont/Dave Cockrum/John Byrne era right now. Jean manifesting her Phoenix powers and "dying" to save the team? That's in these comics. Wolverine's past being teased for the first time (but not revealed, because that ruins it)? That's in these comics, too.

Marvel Comics
This has nothing to do with the movie, but I just wanted to put it here.

Leprechauns? That's also in these comics.

What They Left Out:

Seriously, there are leprechauns. In the same issue where Jean first shows her Phoenix side (a central plot in the movie), Professor X decides to give the rest of the X-Men a vacation, so naturally they go to Ireland to check out a castle that one of them inherited. Once there, the team is ambushed and captured by the Juggernaut and a guy called Black Tom Cassidy (who isn't black, so his villain name isn't racist ... I think?). Thankfully, the mutants run into some little leprechauns who live in the castle and help them out.

Marvel Comics
"For instance, I know you hit your head and this is actually you having an aneurysm."

Nightcrawler instantly becomes friends with these magical beings with Irish accents, but Wolverine isn't so happy to see them -- and with good reason. See that panel above where the leprechaun calls him "Logan"? That's the first time we learn Wolverine's name, the first we learn he even has a name besides Wolverine. A historic moment in the X-Men mythology, and it came from the Lucky Charms mascot.

Marvel Comics
"I'm the best at what I do, and what I do is I don't believe in leprechauns."

It Gets Sillier:

Nightcrawler makes his way around the castle with the help of the leprechauns and finds the place where the Juggernaut is keeping the other X-Men hostage. In order to take the villain by surprise, Nightcrawler decides to use his image-inducer to look like the Juggernaut's brother ... that is, Professor Charles Xavier. His impersonation isn't terribly convincing, though, what with all the uncharacteristic leaping and wisecracking:

Marvel Comics
They actually planned to shoot this scene in X2, but Patrick Stewart threw a shoulder.

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