4 Gritty Reboots of 80s Cartoons for Girls

Strawberry Shortcake -- Feast or Famine

The life of a young and promising chef slowly spins out of control as stress at her new job and body dysmorphic disorder take their toll on her. After weeks of starvation she begins to hallucinate, seeing food in every aspect of her life; buildings, trees and animals all start to take on the qualities of desserts until she can no longer differentiate between objects that are edible and objects that are not. The hallucinations reach a fever pitch as insanity takes hold and she attempts to make meals out of household items and pets.


She-Ra -- The Horde and the Sword

A princess is kidnapped as an infant by the leader of an evil empire called The Horde. Emperor Hordak raises her as his own daughter while simultaneously training her to be a warrior and assassin of the highest caliber. When she is finally old enough, he utilizes her as a weapon against her biological family in an effort to overthrow their kingdom and claim it all for himself. The princess gradually realizes she has been manipulated her entire life and vows to destroy The Horde. Her trail of revenge is quickly littered with corpses as she hacks her way up to the top, slaughtering everyone in her way before reaching the emperor and the only man she's ever known as a father.


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