3 Kinds of People the Internet Accidentally Invented

#1. Artists in Bizarrely Specific Genres of Music


YouTube has been pretty great when I'm looking around for new and interesting music. Anyone, from anywhere, can upload absolutely any piece of music they want. I've found awesome music I likely never would have found had it not been for the Internet.

I've also noticed some weird, bizarrely specific musical trends thanks to YouTube. For example, based on the sheer amount of videos on YouTube that are just covers of the Super Mario Bros. theme played on different instruments, one would assume that you legally have to upload a Mario Bros. cover if you want to have an account on YouTube.


It's all there. The Super Mario Bros. theme on piano. Or bass. Or drums. Or gypsy-jazz style (whatever that means). Or one by a guy who plays the theme on flute while beatboxing AT THE SAME TIME. What were all of these people doing before YouTube?

Still, the fact that there are more covers of the Super Mario Bros. theme than I ever care to count isn't my favorite hyper-narrow music trend from the Internet. Every other word in this sentence links to a different cute girl with a ukulele performing a cover of some random, popular song. (Also, there's this delightful lady, who actually wrote a song making fun of this bizarre trend, appropriately titled "Cute Girl With a Ukulele.") Covers of rap songs, rock songs, whatever. Everything. And it's happening all over the world. Some of these people can't even speak English, but you better believe they know how to sing and play "We Are Young" on ukulele.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this -- hell, if YouTube hadn't invented the Cute Girl With Bangs Who Plays Hip-Hop on a Ukulele, I never would have known how totally into that I am -- I'm just confused. I studied music in college, and I can't say I remember meeting a lot of uke-trained women who wanted to show me their rad cover of the theme from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. (Mostly, the women played flute, and the thing they wanted to show me was, like ... flute stuff, I guess.)

It's just one of those things that flourished on the Internet, and as far as I can tell, absolutely nowhere else. When the first webcam was invented, some woman with a ukulele decided to stare directly at the camera and record herself playing a random song, and then every woman between the ages of 14 and 23 decided to join her, and that's why, when the sun explodes and we all die and the aliens come to take a look at all of our historical records, they're going to assume that humanity was like 80 percent big-eyed cute chicks who played ukulele versions of pop songs.

Daniel O'Brien is Cracked.com's senior writer (ladies) and is into bangs and ukeleles (ladies ... again).

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