2 New Shirts for 'Game of Thrones' Fans

Let's not kid ourselves: You're happy about spring, but you're stoked for the winds of winter. And for Tyrion meeting this dragon in live action. And for something, anything to relieve us from this being the only kind of GoT meme your dopey Facebook friends ever think to use:

You're a superfan and an original, and you know it. So let our latest designs show it for you, on anything Society6 stocks, as soon as you go down below this and click to order ...

Did Ned Stark ever really die? We'll keep you spoiler-free and say "vague non-answer," but it's a question worth considering since every Game of Thrones death, birth, and expository sex scene seems inextricably tied to the first season's most important dead man. Either way, the O.G. King in the North is gone, but the true King of Winter is GRRM, and in this design from Cracked design-pal Mike Burns, he's depicted as the ice-cold ruler he can be. From slaying your favorite hero to being an NFL pundit instead of goddamn finishing The Winds of Winter, George remains unmoved by your cries. Valar morghulis: All men must die, and only Mr. Martin could invent a creepier way to say that than "ALL MEN MUST DIE."

Don't be fooled: The mysteries of Disney's Aladdin run deep, and some of them will make you realize Agrabah is the scariest fictional world since ... well, since Westeros and Essos. What makes a violent magical desert worth tolerating? Love, of course. And whether it's somebody you want to show a whole new world or treat as the moon of your life, this design by Redbubble regular DJKopet has Khal Genie in the pose reserved only for those who feel like they're mounting the world daily, real stallion-like, just because they've got the khaleesi/queen they need in their life.

Clothes: They're Like Books You Can Wear!

And we mean that in the best way possible. Because maybe you finish re-reading A Feast for Crows and think, "Damn, if only there was a house sigil for Cracked.com."

Or maybe you wish one design could capture the decades-long struggle for supremacy between your absolute favorite masters of horror.

Or the passion you feel for your life's spiciest mental and physical sustenance.

And heck, who ever said you can't do a little wishful thinking about how to save the Earth (Middle and conventional)?

Those literary wonders belong on your T-shirts, hoodies, V-necks, throw pillows, fine framed art, and more! And they can be with one Society6 Cracked Dispensary order.

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

Rock something finer than what you're rocking now. That's all we've ever wanted for you, and we'd like to think we're an opposite-of-Tywin-Lannister in supporting and encouraging you on that quest. And our Society6 friends can get whichever sigil you like on your person, wall, or duvet cover, BUT we recognize that you might want other options. So after scouring the Internet and consulting the old gods, we've chosen these as the five best new T-shirts of this week. Go pick something nice for yourself. We'll still be here on The (Fashion) Wall, protecting the Westeros that is your closet.


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