14 Epic Comebacks Stars Gave To Stupid Interview Questions

It's hard being a celebrity. You have to pick which Swiss bank to keep your money in, you can't go naked paddleboarding without the pictures blowing up the internet, and you have to deal with entertainment journalists and their questions. Their mind-numbingly stupid questions.

Like that time a journalist asked Nirvana, "How would you define the music of Nirvana?" Which, I mean, how are they even supposed to answer that? So all three guys burst into a crappy, simple, impromptu song with their mouths before Kurt grabbed a lemon, squeezed it, and added, "With a twist of lemon."

But they were far from the only ones to snap when faced with a ridiculous inquiry.

#14. David Bowie Can See Into The Past

#13. Scarlett Johansson Wants You To Ask Her More

#12. Stay On John McKay's Good Side

#11. Salman Rushdie Does Not Mince Words

#10. Keira Knightley Does The Impossible

#9. Mayim Bialik Will School You

#8. In Space, No One Can Hear You Shower

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