13 Awesome Photos That Will Make You Happy to Be Alive

Sometimes you need to take a few moments to wipe away the world's grime from your eyes and refill your soul with anything that brings you joy. We've got a few options for a quick happiness reload:

1. Pudding.
2. Roll around in fresh puppies.
3. Bum rush your eye holes with as many joyful images as you can find.

I'm all out of pudding and puppies, so here you go.

#13. The Friendliest Shark



I know what you're thinking: "Do we already have concept art for the sequel to Finding Nemo? Is this Bruce the Shark's step-brother who only wants to study aboriginal pottery? Is his name Nigel?" The answer to all of those terrible questions is no. Pixar isn't the only one that can transform the pool hustler of the sea into a creature so eager to please that you assume he's hiding fresh daisies behind his back. Mother Nature can pull that trick as well. Which is weird, because every time I see a picture of a shark, his eyes are filled with the darkness of a million years and his mouth beckons as a cave to hell ... but the really bad hell. The one where you're stabbed by rows and rows of Satan's horns before you meet Lucifer himself. And Lucifer is played by Jon Lovitz, and he's so hammy that you want to gag.

This shark, on the other hand, looks like he plays the drums for an underwater pop group called the Neptunes.

When Jabberjaw wants to take a 20-minute drum solo, nobody says a damn word.

This shark wants to see the picture that you just took of him, then he squees and asks you to tag him on Facebook. Here's his best friend, Angela.

markaeiou via The Featured Creature
"I'm Dory's older sister who is addicted to plastic surgery."

#12. Little Girl Loves Life

Portland Book Review

This is a picture of me, taken last week.

OK, you got me. I've never been caught dancing to Southern street musician Scruffy Matthew McConaughey, but we've all had moments when we hear or see someone being astounding and we want to stop and listen, just to be a part of that moment. And if you haven't, shame on you, because you're terrible.

There are four people in the picture, but two of them are in their own world. Scratch that -- two are in the same universe, one of them is on Planet Joyful, and she revolves around the sun known as Ecstasy. I don't know if the girl is performing with Mr. Glad Rags or if she was just a passerby who got swept up in his jangly melodies. Judging how she's dressed versus how he's dressed, plus the gaggle of loaded baby diapers at his feet, I'm thinking it's the latter. But who knows? Maybe they're the Bojangles and Shirley Temple of the street musician world. All I know is that for one brief shining moment, a little girl was so happy that she gave the whole universe a hug. And we accepted it.

#11. One Lion Wearing Another for a Hat


What do you do when you're looking for your spirit animal hat and your spirit animal is yourself? This lion has figured out the answer: scoop up another of your kind and plop that sucker on your head. He can't help it that his hat is backward; there aren't any mirrors on the savannah. Or maybe he's wearing it backward on purpose, because he's a Kriss Kross fan. Either that or they're playing hide and seek and the lioness is totally winning.

#10. Chimp and Girl Are Best Friends


Before parents got wise to the beauty of natural outside portraiture, whole families would load into the shaggy station wagon and drive to the shaggy portrait studio, prop up their kids with shag-covered boxes, and get their pictures taken. Which is presumably what happened here, only instead of filling up the frame with awkward shaggy-haired children, the photographer had the blessing of snapping this little girl and her brother, the chimp. Let's call him Mr. Ricky. Mr. Ricky is missing teeth, because he's a child and he's adorable. I've spent my whole life trying to convey "happy" and "carefree" and "It's fine, everything's fine" in pictures, and I'm pretty sure I'll never come close to these two. And although I know that I'm loved unconditionally by a handful of people, I don't think they'll ever love me with the innocence and intensity of Mr. Ricky and Lisa Jo. That's right. I named her Lisa Jo. Do you have a better name?

#9. SHE WON!


Little known fact: Immediately after this picture was taken, the entire universe was sucked into the gaping gullet that is this woman's mouth, and that's where we all live now -- inside the guts of an aging Miss Teen USA winner. She took it all; the sun, the moon, the stars, our hopes and fears and faith. She even got the photographer and all the film processing equipment, and that's why we have this picture today. Sorry for the bummer. Or maybe it's not a bummer, depending on how you feel about living inside a Miss Teen USA winner. As for me and mine, we seem to be doing alright, so please don't break out the ipecac.

#8. Dial*A*Llama

Email Jokes

On a scale of "not one bit" to "desperately," how badly do you need a llama RIGHT NOW? Do you need someone to carry your camping supplies up a mountain ... NOW? Are you cold and in need of llama fiber for a new coat or mittens ... NOW? Are you blue and need a laugh ... NOW? Can't go wrong with a llama.

Funny Pics
"I even poop all in one place for easy cleanup!"

There comes a point in every man's life when a camel or alpaca or truck or backpack won't do. When that day comes, Dial*A*Llama has got your back, or hump, as the case may be. (I'm imagining llamas are using Dial*A*Llama as an escort service.)

#7. Sammy and Martin

Library of Congress

There are only two occasions when I hunch up my shoulders like Martin Luther King Jr. is doing in this picture: one, when I don't know the answer to a funny question, and two, when someone is tickling me. So Sammy Davis Jr. is either asking MLK "When is a door not a door?" or digging his jazzy fingers into Martin's ribs out of the frame. In either case, Martin looks like a kid caught in a slightly uncomfortable, but in an OK way situation, which is refreshing. It's like seeing Steve McQueen squirt milk out of his nose or the Fonz just being the Fonz.

Also, when it's ajar!!!!

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