10 Days As a Skyrim Widow: The Dark Side of Gaming Addiction

Day 7: 11/16

9:00 am -- Oh shit, did I miss a day? Hang on, I think I can remember everything if I write it down quickly, like in the next couple hours or so. I just need to check in on my Pet Hotel first. I want to start construction on a 14-hour room and it has to be finished before I go to bed. Be right back in 5.

Important business.

Day 8: 11/17

9:00 am -- FUCK

9:05 am -- OK, I've lost some valuable days of data here, but I've got a plan. I'll just use linear regression to extrapolate the data for the missing days. I'm not sure that's what linear regression is supposed to be used for but it sounds pretty fancy so I'm sure it can do a lot of things.

Wikimedia Commons
I believe it is some form of magic. The dots are probably fairy dust.

10:30 am -- Mental note: turn off sound when playing Bejeweled in boring meetings.

1:00 pm -- I missed lunch, but it was worth it. I beat Tower Defense's final boss on hard mode.

1:30 pm -- Called Mike to check on how his addiction is doing. It took him three rings to pick up so he clearly can barely tear himself away.

1:45 pm -- I talked to a smart friend and he said that I should be able to extrapolate the missing days from the data I got as long as I don't lose any more days, so I'll plug everything in when I get home tonight. Data. Tonight. Musn't forget!

Day 9: 11/18

9:00 am -- FUCK

Day 10: 11/19

9:00 am -- Okay, I'm officially canceling this experiment. I have a column to write for Cracked and don't really have time for this kind of diversion anymore. So I'm going to get cracking on that as soon as I check in on my Pet Hotel ...

For quality writing from Christina before her crippling addiction set in, check out 5 Multiplayer Video Games That Will Destroy Your Marriage and 5 Examples of Americans Thinking Foreign People Are Magic. We'll miss her.

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