10 Brilliant Comedy Moments Hidden on YouTube

It's hidden YouTube gems time, baby! We dig up the most criminally underappreciated videos and give them the respect that they deserve. At the risk of taking liberties with your sanity, here are the other parts, which you can use to fill the ever deepening cavern in your soul:

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#10. Star Trek Insanity

I'm actually angry for not having thought of doing this myself. It's a Star Trek movie trailer edited by OneMinuteGalactica using the blooper reel in place of actual movie footage. I don't hate Star Trek by any means, but I can't call myself a superfan, either. But if the movies were anything like what's presented in this trailer, I would watch nothing else ever again. I would publicly denounce all other forms of entertainment and offer it my services to use as it sees fit.

Of course, that's under the assumption that it would be in league with the equally awesome Star Trek: The Next Generation "art" episode, in which Captain Picard draws a picture of a horse playing a saxophone instead of the nude model who's posing for him, causing Data to euthanize all life in the universe:

I can't stop laughing at the idea of "If life created this drawing, then life was a mistake." The universe must be purged, lest this abomination of nature repeat itself.

#9. Guy Casually Crashes Through the Ceiling

If this is set up, I don't ever want to know. I say that because the casualness with which the guy falls through the ceiling is in itself a work of art. But when he hits the ground, there's a slight pause, and then, as if it happens all the time, the two men in the shop greet each other.

"Hey, Ron."

"Hey, Billy."

"... That hurt."

I like to imagine that Billy never figured out how stairs work, so every day around lunchtime, he just blasts through the floor -- there are dozens of holes up there, and his boss has given up and accepted it as the norm.

#8. "Firestarter" Without the Music

Have you ever been alone in the house and decided that you just had to dance right goddamn now? If the music isn't turned up to ear-shattering levels (or if there's no music playing at all because you're a freak), you can hear every little shuffle of the feet. The low-pitched thump of the floor as you bounce. Every little "vwip" sound from when your corduroy-clad legs rub together.

That's what this video is. Mario Wienerroither has taken out the music and put in the sound effects that would be heard if these guys were just hanging out and doing ... whatever the hell it is they're doing in that video. We'll call it Prodigying. They're Prodigying it right on up. Gettin' their Prodigy on. And it's absolutely brilliant.

#7. Bubsy 3D 2 and a Corrupted Mario

If this guy isn't the most famous man in the world by next Thursday, I'm picking out an endangered species at random and punching it into extinction. He's doing a mock "developer walkthru" of a game he claims to have made (Bubsy 3D 2), noting that it will only run on the PlayStation 4 due to its intensive graphics.

The narration is just plain brilliant as he describes in detail what's going on, constantly reminding us that everything in the game is "to scale." Also, "... we have a really big guy."

I've watched it a few times, and I keep noticing new things. Like inside the "scale replica" of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, all of the crates in the giant crate room are labeled "ART." And when Bubsy approaches the museum, he announces it, including the full address and zip code, as if that's the way people normally talk about location.

Of course, I couldn't mention video game insanity without showing you the corrupted version of Mario 64. That's really all the description you need ... maybe a warning that the demonic images in the video could possibly drive you to the brink of insanity:

#6. The Big Bang Theory and a Disturbing Laugh Track

I think most of us have seen or at least heard of the videos where people take scenes from The Big Bang Theory and remove the laugh track, turning it into one of the darkest, creepiest shows ever created. If not, click that link and you'll see what I mean.

But skylazor took it a step further by replacing it with one of the most annoying laughs in awful-video-game-voice-acting history: Tidus from Final Fantasy X. But it's not just the annoyance of the laugh that makes the scene great. When coupled with the odd silence that passes between the two characters between lines, it makes it sound like 1) there was only one person in the audience, and 2) that person is the most sarcastic asshole heckler of all time. At one point, I was actually surprised that one of the actors didn't turn to him and scream, "HEY, FUCK YOU, DUDE!"

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