1 Billion New Prints Our Store Now Offers With Society6

You might have noticed our Mighty-Soren-riffic Dispensary still proudly stands on the Internet, but over the last few days its shirt pages have led you to this thing:

Let us explain: that thing it's leading you to IS THE GREATEST THING IN THE HISTORY OF THINGS. Our store teamed up with Society6, the Internet's best store. It's like if our wily Batman and their uber-powerful Superman joined forces, never let Frank Miller pull them apart, and had nothing but rad times kicking it in a Justice League space station.

DC Comics
And on the tennis court!

Click around Society6 to immediately recognize their awesomeness. In the meantime let's explain why this is great by answering the questions you always ask us:

#6. "Cracked: When can I get that shirt design mashing up Walking Dead and Nighthawks as a poster???"

You mean "Nightwalkers"? How about right now.

Society6 can put that print in any of five sizes for you. They can frame it for you. And the same goes for any other Cracked Dispensary design, like our Halloween/Nintendo perfection that is "Shyday The 13th."

Or our new-school/old-school painterly classic, "Gods Playing Poker."

Teaming up with Society6 lets us put any of our designs on your body OR wall.

#5. "Cracked: When can I get that shirt design mashing up Walking Dead and Nighthawks as an iPhone case, a duvet cover, and a onesie for my beloved hyperstrong baby?"

First of all, we're glad you're aware of baby monkey-strength. Second, the answer is "soon." Society6 prints the just-about-anything of your dreams, and as this team-up becomes fully operational, more and more of our designs will be on every necessary item of modern life.

#4. "Cracked: I hate shipping costs, mainly because I don't grasp even the simplest basics of the Internet economy. How can I bankrupt you by keeping that money?

Not only can Society6 send you our things at all rates of speed, if you follow them on social media they might tell you when they're doing FREE SHIPPING, a practice common to lunatics who care nothing for profit.

#3. "Cracked: I want my design on a V-neck AND a hoodie so I'm dressed for any season."

Our new Society6 page gives you regular, sweatshirt, and V-neck options galore.

#2. "Cracked: I want [design X], but in [color Y] so it goes with my [puce Ren Faire pantaloons or whatever]."

Click your way to any shirt's new Society6 page, and you'll see we now offer our tees in dozens of colors.

#1. "Cracked: If you don't make your high-quality American Apparel shirts cheaper, I will take my business to BurlapTees.biz, the Internet's leading provider of inexpensive shirts that I'll regret purchasing as soon as they touch my skin."

Don't make that mistake, friend. Working with Society6 lets us provide cheaper shirts than ever before.

See? It's our same '80s Ghostbusters tee, in half a dozen colors, printed on American Apparel shirts, for less money. And that complete WIN might be the perfect encapsulation of how awesome this new store setup is for you, for your inimitable personal steez, and for the world.

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

Of course, there are a couple other places that sell T-shirts, and we don't want to be that store that gets in a new relationship and immediately loses track of all its old friends. In case trawling Society6 for everything you've ever wanted doesn't tick all your boxes, we think these new shirts from the rest of the Internet might fully complete your wardrobe.


Available at Design by Humans


Available at BustedTees


Available at Threadless


Available at Threadless


Available at BustedTees

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