The Top 116 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

#106. Rendering Art Museum: 86 Percent ...

This one looks less like Photoshop and more like bad MS Paint. But it's another one of those forced-perspective works of art where strategically placed lines give the illusion of a floating box (hint: it only works if you're standing in the right spot). In this case it's just bright green tape ...

... and the skill of street artist Aakash Nihilani, who randomly tapes misleading cubes in public spaces presumably for the sole purpose of freaking out passersby.

#105. The Machine Apparently Made to Saw the World in Half

What appears to be some normal-size machine cropped and pasted onto a skyline is actually a gigantic mechanized monstrosity designed for excavation by some Germans. Those things that look like saw teeth big enough to cut down the Empire State Building are actually buckets, each of which could pretty much scoop up your whole house.

If this thing's secretly a Transformer, we're screwed.

#104. A Cautionary Tale of Teleportation Gone Wrong

This bicycle that has gotten swallowed by a tree is a fairly famous landmark on Vashon Island near Seattle. You can find numerous references to it, including multiple supposed backstories. One way or another, the story boils down to somebody left their bike next to a little tree years ago and the tree just swallowed that bastard up when it got big. Trees do that:

Trees are living things just like you and me, and if survival means growing right around whatever happens to be parked between them and the sun, they're going to do it, without a moment's hesitation. Trees don't give a shit.

#103. If There's One Sport You Just Have to Try Before You Die ...

Once more we are presented with a photo that appears to be not only a Photoshop, but a bad one.

But, no, ostrich racing is an all too real sport in several countries, though we admit these photos seem to portray frat guys enjoying the sport ironically.

Ostriches have a reputation for being ornery sons of bitches, so we're guessing that half of the excitement is watching to see which jockey gets his eyes pecked out mid-race.


This one looks like a bad Internet meme. You know, they take the lizard and they Photoshop various hats on it, maybe the next one has it in a little cowboy hat with a cigarette or something.

But no, this totally happened, in our world. It's a Komodo dragon at the St. Augustine alligator park, shown here happily celebrating his birthday in a SpongeBob SquarePants hat. Making the situation almost too surreal to not be made up, that's a birthday cake made of meat and dead mice. Look, kids -- the cute lizard has a birthday hat on! And he's eating the star of Ratatouille! How cute!

#101. A Glitch in the Matrix

That car rendered from what looks like vector graphics from an old-school arcade game is a wire-frame sculpture by artist Benedict Radcliffe. And we mean an actual frame made of wires.

Reportedly it received a ticket for being illegally parked, but if we had been there, we'd have quickly gotten another ticket for climbing inside, picking it up, and running down the street making engine sounds.

#100. A Foot Model's Photoshop Disaster

It looks a little like seeing somebody's feet through a kaleidoscope, but it's the feet of a Chinese boy who was born with 15 fingers and 16 toes. Don't worry, he's fine (he since had surgery to remove the extra appendages).

#99. God's Sand Art

Take the people out of this photo, and it looks like a bad painting. It's the wave rock formation in Arizona, formed out of ancient sand dunes and creating that crazy depth perception-destroying optical illusion.

We're not kidding, every damned picture of this thing looks fake. Including some that look like freaking finger paint.

#98. Night of the Lepus

We couldn't tell if this was the most horrifying or most adorable thing we'd ever seen, until we learned the backstory. First terrifying detail: It is real. There's even video. This species of giant gray bunnies are bred by a guy in Germany ... for food.

Look people, we're going to say it extra slow this time, and we're going to link every word to evidence: Germany. Is. Freaking. Weird. If you choose to travel there, please don't return with photographs.

#97. God's Tangled USB Cables

At first glance this looks almost exactly like a techno artist's design made with USB connectors. It's actually a satellite photo of an Australian wind farm still under construction. The ends of the apparent connectors are the bases where the wind turbines will soon be attached:

Here's a finished picture of the farm:

Does it make us nerds to have first noticed what an inefficient use of space that would be in Sim City?

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