21 Easter Eggs Hidden in 'Welcome Back, Potter'

#10. Mocking Stacy

Jarry variously calls Stacy "small wonder," "kid chameleon," and "the witches of Leastwick." One of those is a TV show, one a video game, and one a movie, creating a nice little comedic symmetry that means nothing and goes nowhere. In fact, the only real significance of this pattern is the clinching evidence that the show's author has finally succumbed to full-blown OCD and dementia.

#9. "Observe and Matriculate"

... are synonyms for "learn" and "watch," although not necessarily in that order.

#8. No Smoking

At several moments in the bar scenes in Episode 2, "Absolutely No Smoking" signs can be seen, and you can even hear Jarry ask a patron if he's "allowed to smoke in here." The constant haze in the air and Rom.com director Adam Ganser puffing away at a booth in the background beg to differ, though. Zoning laws be damned!

#7. The Butterbeer

There's butter in their beer! In the Harry Potter novels, there's a fanciful wizard's drink known as "butterbeer!" Somehow, a lot of people didn't get this joke. Now hopefully they do, so Dan and Katy drinking warm flat ginger ale with butter floating in it won't have been just a sadistic experiment on my part.

#6. The Montage

It would take a true Those Aren't Muskets! superfan to notice that the wicked pre-billiardsing montage in Episode 2 is actually a re-creation of the same montage from the sketch that originally inspired Welcome Back, Potter, "Pool Sharks." Or someone who read this post, I guess.

#5. Donnie's Hoop Dreams

Poor Donnie, ever the sidekick, never the ... front-kick? Flying side kick? What's the premier non-side kind of kick? Anyway, while Jarry was too busy bemoaning his situation at the top of Episode 3 to notice, maybe you noticed our intrepid Jersey Shore wannabe using a medieval chandelier to practice his layup. He really took to the muggle sports, that one.

#4. "Bantha Crap!"

In the chaos of the final battle, it was easy to miss, but Stacy distinctly muttered "Bantha crap!" under her breath to curse being found by some of Vagina-man's minions. Not just a reference to Cracked Studio's Adventures in Jedi School (though it is certainly that), this line was also meant as a small nod to the fact that, surely, in a world full of dragons and vampires and unicorns and elves, there's a little room for a mummy or two, or the occasional bantha poodoo? In fact, it is Cracked's official position that there is no imaginary animal that DOESN'T exist somewhere in the Harry Potter universe. The Hogwarts Zoo has a cage with an ent, a rancor, and a mogwai all constantly fucking for your amusement; they just don't show it in the movies (or books, or any extended canon materials, or somehow even any fan-fic I could find, which frankly is disappointing).

#3. The House Elves

In case you missed the subtle implications scattered throughout the final episode, let it be officially and unequivocally known that the evil and all-powerful wizard Vagina-man, when left alone as unquestioned moral authority and master of a flotilla of orphaned house elves, in the dark confines of his innermost sanctum's bedchamber ... did exactly what you'd expect to them. Yuck.

#2. The Rune

Notice the spiral rune that emits from the pile of ashes the Head Death-Eater becomes as he falls to the floor? Many believe this is a clue that he is, in fact, the Yellow King who has been referenced so much throughout this first season.

#1. The Wand

Apparently it was canonically accurate of us to give Vagina-man this particular prop wand, which looks like the Elder Wand he has in the books. Yay!

Apparently it is inaccurate of us to allow another character to touch the Elder Wand, since that's not something you can do, I guess. Also I don't think the Elder Wand has a visible LED light on the tip or a bar code at the bottom from the prop warehouse. Oh no!

I care about neither of these things. I just wanted that on the record.

Thanks for watching, gang!

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