5 Horrifying Details You Never Noticed in Famous Video Games

#2. Crash Bandicoot: Warped -- Crash's Enemies Are Left to Die Horribly

Sony Computer Entertainment

In Crash Bandicoot's third adventure, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Crash and friends have to stop Dr. Neo "I'm totally not a ripoff of Dr. Robotnik" Cortex and Dr. Nefarious Tropy. It's pretty standard video game stuff. Cute animals versus evil scientists doesn't exactly sound like a tale of moral ambiguity, which makes it all the more shocking when Crash accidentally leaves his enemies to die in a volcano.

The final boss fight takes place inside the core of a time machine. When Cortex is defeated, the machine goes completely haywire. While Crash and company manage to escape, the bad guys get sucked into the machine and spit out near some lava. As infants.

Sony Computer Entertainment
Freakish infants.

You don't have to be a child-care expert to realize that dumping two babies in a volcano is not going to end well. They're going to either die of exposure or lose a fight with a lava flow.

Sony Computer Entertainment
"Eh, Luigi will take care of them ... eventually."

If you think we're exaggerating, keep in mind that this was the last Crash game made by the original developers. They may have very well meant for their series to come to a definitive end with the horrible demise of their villains. But thankfully for both Crash fans and basic human mortality, their lives were saved by the parent company callously milking more money out of the franchise.

Thanks, corporate vampires!

#1. Mega Man 2 -- You Attempt to Kill Your Future Self


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mega Man, we suggest you re-evaluate your life. But in the interim, know this -- each game features the titular hero facing off against eight Robot Masters. They range from the badass Skull Man and Napalm Man to the laughably unintimidating Sheep Man and the (hopefully) accidentally phallic Hard Man.

Although that facial expression suggests otherwise.

But Mega Man II has one additional boss, Quint. And unlike the other bosses, who explode when they're defeated, Quint escapes to live another day. It's kind of a good thing he gets away, though, because, like a bad horror movie twist, the real monster is you.

Even the pogo stick is unimpressed.

Mega Man villain and professional incompetent Dr. Wily stole a time machine so he could go into the peaceful future and capture an unarmed Mega Man. He brought Regular Man back, reprogrammed him, and then gave him a pogo stick instead of a bunch of guns, because Dr. Wily is seriously so bad at his job.

Evil Einstein? Wait, is this because of the bomb?

But it's poor Quint who's the real victim here. Think about it -- he's perfectly content to kill his past self -- ending his own life in the process -- because his free will has been stripped away by Dr. Wily. In fact, has Mega Man ever had free will? Because by defeating Quint, he's just setting himself up to become Quint in the future. It's like an 8-bit Looper.

And what does it say about the future of Mega Man's world if Dr. Wily was able to capture him because the good guys had finally won and disarmed during peacetime? Mega Man has to spend his entire robotic life destroying his fellow robots, because if he doesn't, he'll be turned into an evil robot himself.

See? Mega Man is some deep shit. Go play it.

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