6 Famous Movies You Can Walk Around in Right Now

For all the time and money it takes to create movie sets, it's kind of a bummer that most of them are discarded like used condoms as soon as the film blows its wad. But sometimes the production crew apparently shrug their shoulders and say, "Screw it, just leave it there." Thanks to that, you can now fulfill your lifelong dream of walking and/or urinating on such famous movie locales as ...

#6. The Fugitive's Train Crash Site

Warner Bros.

The Fugitive (1993) stars Harrison Ford as a wrongfully convicted surgeon named Richard Kimble who is being transported to death row when the bus he's traveling on crashes and gets hit by Thomas the Plot Engine.

Warner Bros
"Choo CHOO, Richard Kimble!"

Before he can be turned into human hamburger, Kimble manages to free himself, and he goes off to track down the man who murdered his wife. So the train scene is really what sets off the entire movie, and it was so important to the filmmakers that they actually demolished a real rail car and bus to film the sequence, which ultimately amounted to 60 seconds of footage. And then, after 10 weeks of preparation and $1.5 million, everyone packed up and ... left the remains of the horrendous crash by the side of the rails. It's still there:

As a warning to other trains and buses.

The crash was filmed outside of Dillsboro, North Carolina, probably because all other locations gave funny looks to the film crew when they said they wanted to destroy a train and just kinda leave it there, you know? While The Fugitive producers weren't total litterbugs and had one of the engines reused by the local railroad to pull a dining car, they didn't know what to do with the rest and figured a friendly junkyard owner would come by and take it all away. But that never happened, and to this day the crash is still on the side of the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, where it has become something of a minor tourist attraction.

So if you're ever in the neighborhood, be sure to book a train ride that goes right past this rusted-out, depressing reminder of everything that can go wrong with the outdated mode of transportation you're traveling on.

"And to your left, you can see the real reason why railroads are failing."

#5. The Diner from Looper

TriStar Pictures

If you remember one thing about Looper, we hope it's the fact that the entire plot makes no goddamn sense whatsoever. Most likely you remember it for the scene where a creepily altered Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks in a diner with his future self, played by Bruce Willis. That scene was freaking everywhere before the movie came out, and since the filmmakers knew that they'd milk it harder than a genetically modified cow that shoots cocaine out of its udders, they just went ahead and built the full diner set from scratch.

TriStar Pictures
"Guys, people seriously like these hamburgers. Maybe we could just scrap this whole movie nonsense?"

But once again, after the shoot wrapped, the set was abandoned in the middle of nowhere in Louisiana because, honestly, who would notice one more abandoned building in Louisiana? It was eventually brought to the Internet's attention by the detective work of a dedicated fan named Bailee Grissom. She once read an interview with the film's director, Rian Johnson, where he mentioned that he was surprised the diner wasn't wrecked by Hurricane Isaac, so Grissom decided to go on an adventure. A few hours, some Googling, and a series of cryptic Twitter exchanges with Johnson later, she had found what she was looking for:

Bailee Grissom
Two hours after that, she was sued by the producers of National Treasure.

Although the interior had been gutted, Grissom still managed to bring back plenty of pictures, as well as GPS coordinates for anyone who might want to see this little piece of sci-fi history, or perhaps rub against a surface that Willis or Gordon-Levitt might have accidentally sweated on.

Bailee Grissom
You too can lick a part of cinematic history!

#4. Port Royal from Pirates of the Caribbean

Walt Disney Pictures

Pirates of the Caribbean's portrayal of infamous Jamaican pirate town Port Royal was pretty impressive considering that the movie was made after the 17th century. Which is to say that the historical town -- where the first third of The Curse of the Black Pearl takes place -- doesn't exist in real life anymore, having been all but wiped out by centuries of earthquakes. But instead of just shooting on a soundstage or in front of a green screen, Disney actually decided to spend millions recreating colonial-era Port Royal in Wallilabou Bay on the island of St. Vincent.

Walt Disney Pictures
Then they recreated the town's residents all Jurassic Park-style.

However, once filming was done, there was a question of what to do with all these elaborate sets. It was then that Wallilabou Bay volunteered to take over the sets and rake in millions of tourist dollars, because that's just the kind of selfless guys they are.

Wallilabou Anchorage
"And if you've got any extra Keira Knightleys, we can be sure to give them a good home."

Although it's been hit pretty hard by various hurricanes over the years, St. Vincent residents have done an admirable job of maintaining their Port Faux-yal. They even converted one of the sets into a working tavern, where presumably you can get drunk on watered-down rum and tell the bartender that public intoxication laws are more what you'd call guidelines, because he surely hasn't heard that joke a million times before.

Jack Maciaszczyk
"Oh, you said, 'Why is the rum gone?' Just like he did in the movie. Hilarious."

To get the full pirate experience, though, you'll have to get in the water, where you can paddle around the iconic galleys seen in the film and sail up to the dock where Captain Jack proudly arrived atop the wreckage of his sinking ship. Even the mast he stood on is on display, among other props and photos taken during the filming. The whole town is a treasure trove of neat relics from the movie, including fortifications, boardwalks, and an array of fiberglass props that bafflingly turned out to be a bigger tourist draw than the fact that St. Vincent is a bona fide Caribbean paradise full of mesmerizing fauna and flora.

Dominion Enterprises
"Fuck that! Check out these plastic cannons!"

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