5 Mind-Blowing Subliminal Easter Eggs Hidden in Movies

#2. The Ring -- The Movie Flashes You With ... The Ring

The Ring came out in 2002, and at the time we were sure this would be the last horror flick based on VHS technology ever (we were wrong). If we asked you to pick the creepiest scene in the movie, you'd probably go with the one where that girl crawls out of the TV and scares a dude to death, or maybe the haunted tape itself, which causes anyone who watches it to die a week later after receiving a phone call (presumably from Blockbuster, reminding you to rewind before returning it).

Come to think of it, she does look like most of the Blockbuster employees we've met.

Well, if you picked any of those scenes, you're wrong. The creepiest scene in the movie, by far, is the one with the horse:

Why is a scene of a horse getting despondent and deciding to end it all scarier than the parts of the movie with actual supernatural stuff in them? Because the director just flashed you with the ring (as in, the one from the haunted tape) and you didn't notice it. The first thing we see in that scene is an extreme close up of a horse's eye, which you'll notice forms a ring:

Via YouTube
This symbolizes that the horse is high as fuck, and the whole movie is his hallucination.

At first you think this is a shot of the race horse that's being carried aboard the ferry in which Naomi Watts is traveling, but nope, this is actually a shot taken directly from the haunted tape -- it appears very quickly at 0:49 in the clip we linked to above. After that, Watts approaches the race horse like one does upon seeing a cute animal, but the sight of her face apparently triggers a flashback of David Lynch's Mulholland Drive and he starts running around the place in terror. Unfortunately, "the place" happens to be a ferry, and the horse ends up jumping off into the water and getting shredded to bits.

And then, as the movie cuts to the next scene and you sigh in relief because the director didn't show you the mangled corpse of a poor animal, he subliminally shows you something worse -- this:

This is what happens when you don't use a coaster.

Once again, here's the slowed-down version. This time you see no sides of a television, like you did when Naomi Watts saw that same ring earlier in the film. That's because you're not watching someone watch the haunted tape. You're watching the tape yourself, and watching it so fast that you couldn't stop yourself even if you wanted to. See you in seven days!

#1. Memento -- A Glimpse of Leonard's Split Personality

Memento is the simple story of a man who wants revenge on the people who murdered his wife, only told backward and with a semi-amnesiac protagonist named Leonard Shelby, because nothing can ever be simple with Christopher Nolan (he must be great at telling jokes at parties). On top of that, there's a non-backward black-and-white subplot about a guy named Sammy Jankis who, like Leonard, also had anterograde amnesia and accidentally killed his own wife with his absent-mindedness.

As Leonard explains in that clip, Sammy's wife was diabetic and refused to believe her hubby couldn't create new memories, so, in order to find out if Sammy was just faking it, she decided to repeatedly ask him for an insulin shot, hoping he'd refuse. He didn't, and she died from too much insulin, we guess.

Via YouTube
"Fine, you win this one, but you still have to take out the trash."

At first this seems like a pretty pointless anecdote to insert in the middle of a movie about revenge and wicked body tats, but what's that at the end of the clip, specifically at 8:28? We see the oblivious Sammy sitting in a home after his wife's death, but when someone walks in front of him, his image changes:

Via YouTube
That's right, his shirt is slightly darker.

For a brief second, we see Leonard sitting in the chair instead of Sammy ... and that's because, at this part of the tale anyway, they are the same person. As we find out much later, Leonard's wife wasn't murdered; it was she who was diabetic, and it was she who tricked her husband into pricking her to death. As a result, Leonard put these memories on the Sammy personality, like a somewhat less sexy version of Tyler Durden, and in his delusion went out to look for his wife's "killer." We don't find out about this until the end of the movie, and even then it comes from a less than reputable source, but this Easter egg would seem to confirm it's true.

If you can't trust rambling, disjointed revenge tattoos, what can you trust?

So, with this split-second shot, Christopher Nolan was cheekily revealing the final plot twist of his movie a good half hour before it was over. Here's a slowed-down version. Does this mean that for a while our badass tattooed killer lived in a home, surrounded by old people playing checkers all day? If that's the case, we can't really blame him for getting so bored that he just went out one day and started shooting drug dealers.

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