The 5 Most Hilarious Actor Meltdowns Behind Famous Movies

#2. Lawrence Tierney Punches Tarantino and Pulls a Knife on Seinfeld

Lawrence Tierney had a long career in Hollywood playing gangsters and all-around tough guys, but you probably know him better from a little movie he did later in his career called Reservoir Dogs -- he played Joe Cabot, the old-timer who puts together the whole operation. In real life, however, Tierney was less like Joe and more like the psychopathic Mr. Blonde: All those years he was playing gangsters, he also had a pretty successful side career as a complete lunatic. He was one of the most intimidating people in Hollywood.

Tarantino had to repeat this one shot 10 times because the cameramen kept dying.

In the 1950s and '60s, Tierney was arrested multiple times for constantly fighting civilians, cops, and sobriety. Despite being in his 70s by the time he did Reservoir Dogs, he was still the same troublemaker: On his last day on the set, he got into a fistfight with Quentin Tarantino, and he was so angry when he got home that he fired a shotgun into a wall and hit his nephew. That was a pretty unlucky shot, though -- think about it, that could have been Tarantino.

While Tarantino never cast him in a movie again, for some reason, Tierney kept busy in the '90s doing guest spots on classic sitcoms: He played mall detective Don Brodka in the episode of The Simpsons where Bart gets arrested for shoplifting a video game. Simpsons show-runner Josh Weinstein called Tierney "the craziest guest star experience we ever had," and we'll remind you that this show has had both Dennis Rodman and Michael Jackson. Besides being generally scary and yelling at everyone, Tierney insisted on reading his lines with an inexplicable Southern accent and refused to say any jokes he didn't understand.

"Since when do video games exist in this show? And why is Pebbles called 'Bart' now?"

But Tierney's craziest moment came during one of the most memorable performances of his career, when he played Elaine Benes' father on Seinfeld. Larry David wanted him to appear regularly on the show, like Jerry's and George's parents, but sadly we missed out on a potential Lawrence Tierney/Jerry Stiller team-up when Tierney stole a real knife from the kitchen set and tried to hide it under his jacket.

Because Jerry Seinfeld was always good at observing the little things, he noticed the knife and confronted Tierney about it. Tierney took out the knife, but instead of handing it over, he started to mock-stab Jerry in the heart, saying this had all been a plan for a joke he had. We can't decide what's scarier -- if he was lying or if he wasn't.

Let's just assume whatever he wants us to assume.

#1. Sean Young Dresses Up Like Catwoman and Terrorizes Tim Burton

Robert Mora/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sean Young rose to prominence in the 1980s by appearing in movies like No Way Out and Blade Runner, and for a while everyone wanted her in their movies. Today, her acting career consists of sneaking into Hollywood parties and getting kicked out by security. How did she get to that point? By being so crazy that even Hollywood wants nothing to do with her, and this is the same industry that keeps giving work to Nic Cage.

Young's troubles started in 1988 when rumors emerged that she had super-glued James Woods' dick to his leg while shooting The Boost.

"Two thumbs down." -James Woods' dick

Although they've both denied those reports, Woods and his wife did sue Young for stalking them, which included leaving a decapitated doll at their doorstep and mailing them gore images. They eventually settled out of court, but Young's reputation as one of Hollywood's most batshit insane actresses was just getting started.

After annoying Oliver Stone so much on the set of Wall Street that he drastically reduced her role and just shipped her off to a bus station, Young scored a career-making role: Bruce Wayne's girlfriend in Tim Burton's first Batman movie. Unfortunately, Young broke her arm before shooting and had to be replaced by Kim Basinger, but she still felt like she was owed a piece of the Batman pie, so she started campaigning to be cast as Catwoman in Batman Returns. And by campaigning, we mean she put on a real Catwoman costume and took to the streets.

"Oh, I just had this from that time I fell off a window and like 50 cats licked me back to life."

You see, when Young was passed up for the role, instead of phoning the director to call him a motherfucker like most respectable actors do, she showed up unannounced at the studio lot in a makeshift Catwoman outfit and started an impromptu audition in front of a terrified Michael Keaton and Mark Canton, the head of Warner Bros. at the time. According to Keaton, for a second there he thought he and Canton were dead men, as the metallic object in her hand looked like a gun.

Of course, it wasn't a gun, as Young is not that crazy. It was only a walkie-talkie she was using to locate Tim Burton, who was hiding from her in the bathroom.

If this man is scared of you, it's time to re-evaluate your life.

Yeah, she didn't get the part.

Ricardo would like to thank Luke Jennet for providing the Blade entry.

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