The 5 Most Incredibly Badass Acts of Nonviolence

Blessed are the peacemakers, right? The people who experience violence up close and personal and, rather than dole it back out, somehow find an alternative solution. Sure, these types of people don't usually get blockbuster movie franchises made about them, but we'll sure as hell stop to applaud them here. So here's to the ones who, whether by Jedi mind trick or just pure audacity, resolved violent conflicts while using their indoor voices.

#5. John Rabe: The Living Buddha of Nanking

In popular culture, the roster of surprisingly awesome Nazis pretty much begins and ends with Schindler's List. In reality, there were no doubt lots of compassionate people who just got swept up in Hitlermania; it's just that it's hard to do a list of "5 Nazis We Admire" without upsetting the advertisers. But that shouldn't stop us from talking about John Rabe, who, during World War II, turned up in a place where somebody with compassion was badly needed. Images
Which was actually "most of the planet" at that point.

In 1937, Japan invaded China and captured Nanking, the capital. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians were at the mercy of the invaders. What started thereafter was an inconceivable slaughter of a type so sanctioned that competitive civilian murder received news coverage back home, along with other atrocities so horrifying that a Cracked article has no place even hinting at what they are. But there was an organization called the Nanking Safety Zone, run by 22 Westerners from around the world, that was supposed to function as a haven.

One of these people would be credited with patrolling the streets and personally intervening to stop murders and prevent rapes. And rather than being some trained super soldier, he was just a guy who worked for the phone company and had been a member of the Red Cross. Soldiers naturally didn't take too well to this, and more than once Rabe found himself looking down a gun barrel. But what Rabe had to protect him was an armband with a swastika on it (oh, and he looked like an Indiana Jones villain):

Yale Divinity School Library
Sieg heil.

This guy actually wrote letters to Adolf Hitler requesting aid in stopping the atrocities being committed against the Chinese, which shows that even though he was with the party, he wasn't so much with the program. Who knows how this guy reconciled being a compassionate humanitarian with belonging to the most monstrous political party the world has ever known. Maybe he just liked the uniform? It probably did bring out his eyes.

NanJing 1937
"Swastikas make my ass look incredible."

After the war, the Nanking Safety Zone organization was credited with preventing the deaths of an estimated 250,000 Chinese people through personal intervention, sheltering, and international pressure. Rabe himself went home to Germany in 1938 to do lectures and presentations about Japanese atrocities until the Gestapo arrested him for that, marking him as probably one of history's most oblivious heroes.

After the war, Rabe was denounced as a Nazi and became impoverished. But for many years, he and his family survived on care packages from the very Chinese citizens he'd helped to save and who'd given him the nickname "the Living Buddha of Nanking."

Nope, the hat doesn't help.

#4. Dr. Hawa Abdi Makes a Somali Militia Apologize

Alexander Joe / AFP / Getty / Steve Russell / Toronto Star

Somalia is infamous in the West for being one of those hellholes where gruesome misogyny and brutal violence are the national pastimes. It's so bad, in fact, that aid workers won't even go there. That did not stop Dr. Hawa Abdi, however, who became the first female gynecologist in the country and found herself in charge of a refugee center with 90,000 people in it. Inevitably, some militia decided such a thing just would not do.

AFP / Stringer / Getty
Militias, right?

On May 5, 2010, a group of 750 militia members invaded the refugee center. Shocked and offended at the fact that a group of over 90,000 people was led by a woman, they took Abdi prisoner and ransacked her hospital, emptying clips into medical equipment, smashing windows, and making threats.

Abdi stuck to her belief that she shouldn't be intimidated by insane people with guns, even if the odds were 750 to 1. She stood up to the militia commanders imprisoning her, berating one of them with "I will lead my society. You are young and you are a man, but what have you done for your society?"

Typical hostage gynecologist, making this all about gender.

After five days, she was released unharmed, but still pissed. So pissed, in fact, that she demanded an apology from the armed thugs who had been holding her and her staff at gunpoint.

And she got one. In writing.

Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty ImagesJupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

That's right -- instead of, say, many bullets to the face, Abdi got a sheepish letter saying "We apologize to every hospital patient who suffered from the attack. We apologize to the entire Somali community." Note: We cannot guarantee the same results if you ever find yourself in that situation.

#3. Wade Watts Takes on the Klan With the Magic of Friendship

Topical Press Agency / Stringer / Getty

Reverend Wade Watts was a representative of the NAACP in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when he did a radio debate with Grand Dragon of the KKK John Lee Clary in 1976. After Watts threw his opponent off his game with the novel tactic of telling him that he wouldn't hate him, Clary insisted to Watts that he'd made a personal enemy, although Watts didn't seem to agree.

"Look, can't we just try to see eye to eye here? Oh ... right ... never mind."

Clary's Klansmen started off small: They burned a cross on Watts' lawn. Watts' response to the sight of a bunch of costumed men making death threats was to point out to them that Halloween wasn't for a few more months and to leave it at that. Their next attempt to scare him was to burn down his church. When Clary called him up to rub the threat in over the phone, the first thing Watts said was "Hello, Johnny" (we like to think Clary must have said "Uh, hi" in response).

The final stroke was when Clary saw Watts in a restaurant eating chicken. He got together a group of 30 Klansmen and surrounded him. Then Clary told Watts that he and his buddies would do to Watts what Watts was doing to that chicken he was eating. Knowing a good setup when he heard it, Watts took the bit of chicken and gently kissed it.

NA/ Images
Then he kissed it again, and things started to get kinda weird.

There are a lot of places the story could go from there -- maybe Clary flies into a rage and starts a riot, or quietly plans to destroy Watts behind the scenes. Instead, the Klansman Clary slowly started to realize that maybe he and his white-robed peers were the bad guys.

FMH Children's International
Good guys are less prone to posing with brass knuckles and daggers.

So in 1981, Clary left the Klan. And, when being a former Grand Dragon hurt his career prospects like hell, he eventually decided to call up Watts. Watts offered to let him come speak at his church (against his own congregation's wishes), saying, "You know where it is, you burned it."

Clary ended up becoming a preacher at that very institution, and one day used his Klan robe to shine a black man's shoes on national television. Clary also started a program that helped former anti-racial-group members start anew after leaving their organizations. It just goes to show that while it sure helps to have (figurative) balls in the face of violence, having a heart is important, too.

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