6 Spectacularly Bad Ideas Movies Convinced You Are Badass

#3. Trying to Kick Ass in a Suit and Tie


What Hollywood Has Told You:

No assassin, spy or henchman can be serious about their craft unless they're wearing a sharply pressed suit and a tie. Look at Jason Statham in The Transporter. Tom Cruise in Collateral. Ninety percent of the characters in Tarantino's movies. James. Fucking. Bond.

Eon Productions/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
This man does not look impressive in track pants and a U Miss sweater.

By the way, there's an entire website dedicated to the suits of James Bond. That's how boss a suit makes you look: People are perfectly willing to painstakingly watch their way through clips of Bond's wang in motion to decide which suit pants he's wearing.

Why This Sucks:

For looking good, a suit is undeniably the best thing to wear. For fighting people, not so much. This is mainly because wearing a suit gives you a giant hanging weak point around your neck more suited to a Gradius-level boss than an action hero: your tie.

Tatjana Pilate/Photos.com
Can you gamers spot the weak point?

Neckties are such a liability in combat that most law enforcement agencies around the globe refuse to use them in lieu of clip-ons. Sure, James Bond would mock their lack of style, but they'd presumably just grab Bond's tie and smash his face with their fist until he pissed martinis. Basically, anything in a fight that your opponent can grab onto is a liability, but moreso if that thing gives them the ability to yank your head around. We'll let Jackie Chan give you a visual explanation of why:

But even if your opponent isn't a trained martial artist, having a piece of cloth attached to your throat that anyone can twist around and choke you with is still a terrible idea. How about just a shirt and pants combo with a nice waistcoat, then? Nope, you're still going to be at a disadvantage, simply because you won't be able to throw a punch or kick as fast as the other guy. As anyone who has worn a suit will tell you, doing the splits in one of those things is only going to end with you looking like you have a chainsaw for a dick.

The same goes for you ladies. Like with neckties, long hair is a surefire way to give opponents something to grab onto in a fight ... only instead of being wrapped around your neck, your weak point is attached to your fucking skull. What's the point in wearing a skintight suit if you have an easily exploited weakness on the part of your body that controls motor function?

Oleg Mitiukhin/Photos.com
Well, maybe we could overlook the impracticality just this once.

#2. Shooting Locks off with a Handgun


What Hollywood Has Told You:

Picture the scene: Our hypothetical action hero is quietly infiltrating an enemy base when he finds a locked gate/door standing in his way. Does he force the lock with a pick? Blow it open with C4? Seduce it, using a gambit known as the "007"? No, no, and sadly, that's not possible. He's going to pull out his handgun and blow that fucker apart with a single well-placed shot.

We've seen heroes do this in movies like Speed, Die Hard 2, and Big Trouble in Little China, but villains are wising up, too: In No Country for Old Men, Javier Bardem's character goes around blowing door locks apart with an air tank gun. So why aren't real hitmen following the example of this guy?

... because if they did, we'd all be fucking dead.

Why This Sucks:

Because it's not possible. Bardem's air gun isn't strong enough to break a lock, but it turns out that even real handguns like the ones John McClane or Jack Burton use shouldn't be able to do it. If you've ever seen a padlock/door lock, you might remember it being made out of strong, thick metal. Well, handgun rounds suck absolute balls at getting through material like that. Thanks to several reckless denizens of the Internet, we know exactly how many balls.

The Box O' Truth
At least this many balls.

In scenes that resemble Tim "The Toolman" Taylor from Home Improvement going postal, one website blasted several padlocks with 9mm rounds (the same type as used by 99.9 percent of action heroes), a .45 ACP pistol, and a .44 Magnum, all to no avail, even when fired at close range. In fact, most locks couldn't be opened at all after being shot.

The Box O' Truth
Bullets actually make these things more secure.

As for door locks, Mythbusters found exactly the same result: that when confronted with a locked door only a rifle can do the trick, but even then you'd be better off tossing the gun aside and trying to headbutt your way through the damned thing, because at least then you'll have something to show for it other than a suspiciously-shrapnel-shaped hole in your head.

Whenever this is done in real-life by the police or military, they have to use shotguns. And, because the military is nothing if not a stickler for efficiency, they even invented a special shotgun that attaches to the underside of their assault rifle barrels, the "Masterkey." Yes, the one out of Call of Duty. No, that doesn't mean that the army also has giant robotic machine gun-wielding dogs. Yet.

#1. Using a Large Caliber Handgun

Robert Mroczek/Photos.com

What Hollywood Has Told You:

Want to make the ultimate statement about how badass you are? Then just whip out the biggest gun you can lay your hands on and shove it in the face of your opponent. Like the automatic Desert Eagle Arnold is using here ...

Columbia Pictures
Your gun must be greater than, or proportionately equal to, your virility.

Logic just dictates that having a bigass gun that fires bigass bullets is still better than having a small one, simply by virtue of it being a bigass gun that fires bigass bullets.

Why This Sucks:

And that's about where the benefits end. In terms of being an actual usable weapon, large caliber handguns like the ever famous Desert Eagle fail on all counts, to the point where even criminals avoid using them. The main reason is the sheer weight of such a gun. Fully loaded, a Desert Eagle weighs 5 fucking pounds -- it's like taking a Chihuahua out of your pocket every time you wanna shoot something.

Then again, criminals rarely see the ol' "face full of Chihuahua" attack coming.

If you don't understand why that's a problem, grab some 5-pound object from your house, hold it straight out in your hand, and try to keep it perfectly still (you know, the way you have to keep the sites perfectly still when aiming a pistol). It doesn't matter how huge your biceps are, a heavy gun is always a worse choice.

That, coupled with the fact that it's almost a foot long (thus making it awkward as hell to draw from a holster) and that it only carries seven bullets makes it an incredibly poor choice for any self-respecting military unit, law enforcement officer, or even gas station robber. Also, the recoil is so hard that you're going to be pointing at the ceiling after every shot. Watch this lady get hit in the face by her own gun:

For comparison's sake, the Glock 19 weighs less than half, is half the size, and carries twice as many bullets, so you can see why the police use them instead these days. The fact that the giant bullets in the Desert Eagle will do more damage when they land makes no difference when everything else about the gun ensures you'll never actually hit anything.

In fact, remember the iconic scene in Pulp Fiction where the young guy opens up on Jules and Vincent with a gun the size of a baby and misses every shot? Yeah, they were right to mock his choice of gun -- if he had been carrying something less heavy and with more bullets, that scene would have played out a little differently. Once again, you can't trust a Hollywood prop department to tell you what to bring to your next violent crime.

You know what divine intervention is? It's God telling you, you chose the wrong fucking gun ...

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