The 7 Most WTF Houses People Actually Live In

#3. The Australian Spinning Carousel House

Everingham Rotating House

This is one you really need to see in motion to appreciate.

One day, Luke and Debbie Everingham were visiting the new home of some friends, and the owners lamented how they wished they could reorient their house a smidge to the north. If they wanted to look in another direction, they had to turn their heads like a couple of chumps. The Everinghams were not chumps, so when it came time for them to build their own house in 2006, this went down:

Yup, they built a house that spins around like a carnival ride (without having to build a guest house for a small army of carnies).

The main floor of the octagonal house holds the bedrooms and bathrooms in the outer circle, with the kitchen toward the middle. Above on the second floor is an observation deck. The house rides on 32 wheels along a 60-meter track, can make a full revolution in half an hour, and runs on an engine "not much bigger than a washing machine motor."

Everingham Rotating House
It gets terrible gas mileage, though.

The cost of rotating amounts to a single Australian dollar a week. And while the house's price tag -- approximately $737,000 American -- might be a little too rich for some readers, that's only $40,000 more than the typical house in their neighborhood. And you can bet your sweet ass that none of those suckers turn.

#2. Japan's Foam Domes

Home Designing

While they may not be the most creative folks at naming their company, you have to admire the moxie of the International Dome House Co. for designing homes out of polystyrene, a material that's typically reserved for coffee cups, cheap beer coolers, and heavy-handed lectures about sustainability.

The good folks at IDHC aren't totally off their collective rockers on this, though. The thick walls of their "fairy" houses are fire-resistant and insulate well. To top it off, these ultra-mod igloos are also constructed to weather typhoons, earthquakes, rust, and termites. And from the looks of the promotional photography, this architectural integrity affords owners plenty of peace of mind for sexy parties.
Which are the only types of parties you can have inside a giant tit.

Each of the units is pretty small by itself, with only about 475 square feet of floor space. But you can link these homes together, or recruit your friends to be your neighbors and pretend you're living in a Smurf village. Just check out the city of Kumamoto's Aso Farm Village, which sports 480 of these weird domiciles.

Suzu via Wunderground
Or possibly Bedrock.

Considering that they'll probably never crumble from age or weather, we're pretty sure the only thing aliens will find on Earth a million years from now are the Great Pyramids and these Styrofoam tit-houses.

#1. The Luxury Caveman House


In 2004, Curt Sleeper purchased Caveland in Festus, Missouri -- a former mining site turned concert venue -- on eBay. Once the structural and property line inspections turned out aces, he and the family went about the enormous task of tossing a house into the Flintstones-like crevice you see below.

"We're gonna need bigger nails."

After four years (and numerous nights of sleeping in tents), the Sleepers' troglodytic dream home was finally complete. Because they left the interior sandstone walls more or less natural, the Sleepers added indoor coverings where crap was occasionally shedding off the walls. So while opening umbrellas indoors might be considered unlucky, they beat the hell out of sandy eggs.

They're only one lava pool from having a supervillain volcano lair.

On the plus side, the Sleepers pay precisely jack and shit for heating and air costs: Geothermal heating and the cool cave walls keep the temperature regulated. The place can get damp pretty fast, though, being a cave and all, so the Sleepers have to run three huge dehumidifiers, which produce about 300 gallons of water a day. Prehistoric man didn't have to put up with such annoying feats of engineering, but then again, the Sleepers don't have to worry about saber-toothed cats traipsing around their backyard.

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