20 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped (Part 11)

#10. Our Poor Son Has Stallone Disease

Fabian Bimmer/Reuters

So ... a couple of tourists with a cardboard cutout of Sylvester Stallone? Two guys at a 75-percent-scale wax museum? A pair of brothers badly Photoshopping movie stars into their vacation photos to impress their Facebook friends?

Because that's just ... cartoonish. We mean, it's pretty common to find out that actors aren't all they're cracked up to be on the big screen, but Sylvester Stallone is 5-foot-9 or so in reality -- not exactly a munchkin.

But the monsters surrounding him there are the Klitschko brothers, heavyweight boxers in the 6-foot-7 range. Oh, and if you're trying to figure out what the backdrop behind them says, don't worry -- they're just advertising the live musical production of Rocky. We're not kidding.

#9. No, It Isn't a Globe, Either


Here's yet another one that would have been far, far easier to just Photoshop than to stage a complicated scene that merely results in something that still looks like Photoshop. This "globe" is a high-speed trick photograph taken by German photographer Markus Reugels, capturing a drop of water in mid-air, just as it passes in front of a map.

And we're guessing it takes a shitload of attempts to get this just right.

#8. That Double Rainbow Guy Would Shit if He Saw This

Justin Lee/Caters News Agency
Presenting God's urinal.

It looks like somebody wasn't satisfied with this waterfall being a perfectly beautiful piece of scenery in its completely unaltered state and decided to add some "flair" in the form of rainbow colors in the mist.

But it really happened -- it's a perfectly timed photograph taken at Yosemite National Park. The rainbow is just the result of lucky positioning of the sun in relation to the mist of the falls, as opposed to, say, an explosion at the Skittles factory.

#7. Gruesome Explosion, or Giant Sideshow Bob Wig?


Regrettably, this isn't a dude who discovered how to explode his own torso on demand. It's a picture of someone being hit in the face with a bunch of colored powder at an event in Berlin where they do this sort of thing. We're not sure what part the skateboard plays in the ceremony or who has to clean up afterward, but we can say that turning humans into color explosions is so popular worldwide that they have a whole holiday dedicated to it in India.

It looks like fun but we're betting that stuff tastes like shit.

#6. A Scene More "Pixar" Than a Pixar Movie

Suzanne Beard/National Geographic
"Crap, you two are going to try to play "We Didn't Start The Fire" again, aren't you?"

Sadly, these pelicans aren't making a break for the Caribbean on a stolen piano with dreams of starting a band. It's just a photo from National Geographic.

The piano was found on a sandbar near Miami and was too heavy for the authorities to move away (it weighs 650 pounds). If you're wondering how it got out there (and we're surprised we haven't gotten a Facebook forward insisting it was carried by a tsunami), well, so was everyone else -- it just turned up one day. It was a mystery until some teenagers fessed up to dragging it out there to make some kind of artistic statement or other. Don't you guys have some video games you should be playing?

#5. Ball Goes out of Bounds, You Have to Go Fish It from the Ocean


The aircraft carrier looming back there makes this scene look like somebody inserted it by hacking the background graphics for a basketball video game. Even the sky looks fake.

But what you're looking at is the Carrier Classic, a college basketball game played on board an aircraft carrier. This one was between the University of North Carolina and Michigan State a couple years back.

They actually had to cancel a game last year because the court got wet. Not, as we were hoping, because somebody landed an F-18 on there at halftime.

#4. Hint: This Isn't a Tree, or a Drawing of a Tree

Adriana Franco

A painting? A close-up of a winter scene postcard?

Nope, it's an aerial photograph of a dried-out river bed in Mexico from National Geographic.

Water runoff, as it turns out, produces the same type of fractal patterns as plants do when they grow new branches. And snowflakes. And human blood vessels and neurons. And so many other natural phenomena that we're starting to wonder if the whole universe isn't fractals. For instance, can you guess what this is?

Bert Hickman
It's what happens when you run electricity through a block of Plexiglas.

#3. He's a Vampire, the Sun is Out, What Did He Think Would Happen?

Mark Henle/Associated Press
"Anyone else smell barbecue?'

A ghost being possessed by the body of a shirtless man? A guy seconds away from spontaneous combustion? A liar whose pants actually did catch fire?

According to this Boston.com photo, it's what happens when you get out of the pool after a swim and the freezing cold air starts rapidly evaporating the water off your skin. Also we're pretty sure his hair has frozen like that.

#2. Either It's More Clone Tool Abuse, or a Boring Game of SimCity

Yann Arthus-Bertrand/Altitudephoto

Hey, it turns out if you look at the suburbs from a helicopter, you see a swirling mass of roads and houses that will make you dizzy if you stare too long.

This unbelievably ordered subdivision is a suburb called Henderson, outside Las Vegas. A Google image search turns up dozens of similarly Stepford-esque shots. It's almost like someone just showed up one day and unrolled the whole development in strips, like sod. So in places like this, are people just constantly accidentally walking into the wrong house?


China Daily/Reuters, HAP/Quirky China News/Rex Features

We suppose you could think this is just a stone monument to giant, angry horses with a little snow piled at the base. But, in fact, everything you're looking at is snow.

China Daily/Reuters, HAP/Quirky China News/Rex Features

These giant snow sculptures are the sort of thing they do at China's winter festivals, and we're assuming they all get destroyed when tourists get drunk and try to ride them. What these artists are able to create with just shovels, ladders, and snow is often downright stunning.

ZUMA/Rex Features
But not always.

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