The Top 15 Cracked Videos of 2012

A look back at some of the most popular videos that we ran on Cracked this year mixed in with some of our personal favorites.

#15. 4 Creepy Hidden Truths Behind Popular Scary Stories by After Hours

Our four favorite humorists prove that even vacation can be meaninglessly deconstructed. In a spooky special episode shot in Idyllwild, California, Soren, Michael, Dan, and Katie debate the underlying psychological and social phenomena that create our scary story myths. Also, that scary clown is in the video, we promise. And if you look really closely, you'll notice that's real smoke in their eyes.

#14. Why the Ending of 'Star Wars' Is Secretly Kind of Dumb by Today's Topic

For those of you who think that we only debate useless pop-culture minutia after work, we present our rebuttal. Today's Topic is a series that launched this year in which Cracked Staff revisit observations from previous articles and draw fresh conclusions on a variety of issues ranging from movies to ... other stuff. This episode is an argument between Cody and Mike about whether a TIE Fighter pilot is the true hero of the original Star Wars. And whether Star Wars is dumb. Watch out for prequels.

#13. Sex as Understood by Adolescent Boys by Rachel Bloom

It's always reassuring when an attractive woman on the Internet can seductively articulate the inner workings of the adolescent mind. The fantastic Rachel Bloom sings an original song featuring lots of sexy sex and a special guest appearance by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. Also, that boob car should really exist, right?

#12. The Dark Secret Behind Quirky Romantic Comedies by The Katie Willert Experience

A recent addition to the wildly successful Katie Willert Experience series, this video is the definitive send up of the Manic Pixie Dreamgirl phenomenon. When Kyle finally realizes that his cute, quirky girlfriend is actually mentally ill, he checks her into the Annie Hall Memorial State Home for Manic Pixie Dreamgirls, where he is exposed to the dark realities of the disease. There may or may not be a Shins montage. Not for the faint of heart.

#11. Why Being a Henchman in the Zelda Universe Would Suck by Those Aren't Muskets

If you're like us (and we know that you are, we have cybermetrics), you've spent a lot of time wondering how all the unlocked treasure chests that litter Hyrule's landscape actually got there. Well, great news! This year, Cracked and Those Aren't Muskets launched 8-Bits, a new series poking fun at the crazy logic of video game universes and answering all those nit-picky questions that our game-addled brains can't ignore. This episode, shot nearly two years ago, is the second installment. Watch for more next year!

#10. 'Game of Thrones': The Board Game by Cracked Staff

The definitive board game for the complex fantasy-based political thriller Game of Thrones. It's as fun as it is comprehensive and tedious. Oh, and it actually exists. We're still trying to finish our first round. We'll let you know how it goes.

#9. The 3 Worst Pieces of Advice on the Internet by Does Not Compute

S.W.A.I.M-bot and Clippy team up again to warn you about the perils of taking advice from the Internet. They're aware of the irony. Part of the ongoing series Does Not Compute, this episode exposes broadsword vendors and vanilla sexperts alike. By the end, you won't be sure whom to trust. Believe us.

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