The 6 Most Baffling Video Game Spinoffs

#3. Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight


The Original:

Street Fighter and the more popular Street Fighter II are fighting games about racial stereotypes using mystical powers to beat the shit out of each other. The series is one of the most enduring and recognized in history, and there is absolutely no reason to change it to anything other than the ludicrous punchfest it already is.
Well, maybe add just a bit more racism, but that's it.

The Spinoff:

Take everything and anything you may know about Street Fighter (including Jean-Claude Van Damme kicking Raul Julia into a wall of exploding televisions) and then set those memories on fire before throwing them out of a speeding van like a botched ransom. The end result will somewhat resemble Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight, which recasts Ken Masters ...
This big ol' sack of punch-meat.

... as a cyborg scientist battling aliens in the post-apocalyptic wastelands of 2010 (which you may recognize as the year Jonah Hex came out).

Yep, this looks about right.

The game plays like a cross between Metroid and a rabid bat penis and has absolutely nothing to do with the Street Fighter franchise beyond the words "Street" and "Fighter" being in the title. The original Japanese version was released as a vague sci-fi spinoff, but when it was brought over to the U.S., both the title and the main character's name were changed to cash in on the brand's enormous popularity. Sort of like Daniel Baldwin mumbling through the "Daniel" portion of his name to try and cheat his way into a dinner reservation.

However, in all fairness, fireballs remain a strong presence. We think.

#2. Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise (Mega Man)

The Original:

The Mega Man series centers on a blue android jumping and shooting his way through impossible odds to destroy eight evil robot bosses and defeat their villainous master, Dr. Wily, with a toe kick to his nefarious beanbag.

While still saving time to let the winds of victory blow through his hair.

The Spinoff:

Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise is a "business simulation" that combines all of the worst parts of Monopoly and Mario Party into a single joyless hatepunch masquerading as a video game. As the title suggests, you control Dr. Wily (he of the beanbag kick described above) and move around a board, buying properties and collecting rent, because for some reason he decided he'd rather be a slumlord than a robot lord.

"Sorry, but no pets are allowed. Nor are any weapons that would make it easier to destroy me."

You can also play as Dr. Light, Mega Man's creator and mentor, or Roll, Mega Man's female counterpart -- in fact, pretty much every character in the Mega Man universe is available to you except Mega Man. He evidently took the Crispin Glover/Marlon Brando route and declined to appear in this bizarre continuation of the series, which inexplicably took a cyborg sprinting through treacherous enemy lairs and detonating evil robots with his arm cannon and replaced him with a bunch of aggressively stationary melvins that stare at you while you browse an endless stream of menus.

Angrily. Hatefully.

#1. Almost Every Sonic Game Ever Created

The Original:

Sonic the Hedgehog is the misguided illustration of a very old man's concept of "attitude," complete with sneakers and an "everyone but me can go fuck themselves" smirk. Basically, he is what Sega executives imagined would appeal to bratty children who don't have the attention span for Super Mario Bros. The original series of Sonic games on the Genesis was action platformers that encouraged Sonic to run balls-out through each level as fast as he could, smashing through enemies, freeing his adorable animal friends, and defeating a boss every few minutes, until either the game ended or you ran out of Adderall and bit your grandmother. It's Mario on methamphetamines.

Although it was originally called Gollum's Precious Bonerland.

The Spinoff:

Sonic has actually spawned an embarrassing horde of spinoffs that, to date, outnumber the games in the official original series. Take Sonic and the Black Knight, for example:
We're guessing the black knight is the one dressed in red?

Sonic claws for relevance in this forgettable third-person action title that puts a sword in his hand and tosses him in the middle of Arthurian legend, because that makes all of the sense that is available to be made. It incorporated the use of the Nintendo Wii's motion controllers by forcing players to clumsily swing their arms around in an attempt to get Sonic to stab things while simultaneously indulging the most ridiculous piece of fan fiction Sega could find that didn't devolve into graphic hedgehog pornography.

Evidently feeling that third-person action was where all the money had been hiding from them, Sega continued the gibbering line of reasoning established by Sonic and the Black Knight with Sonic Unleashed. This game replaced swords with the ability to transform into a werehog to eviscerate your enemies, because a werehog is apparently a thing.

Followed by blood-curdling screams and blood. God, the blood ...

Sonic is already a hedgehog, so we are confused by the "werehog" terminology. However, we are even more confused by the fact that, in his werehog form, Sonic has elastic limbs like Stretch Armstrong that allow him to flail his way through bad guys and achieve the least subtle God of War ripoff since God of War II.

When Sonic Unleashed failed to fill the gaming community's pants with excitement, Sega decided to give their struggling mascot guns and a motorcycle and changed his name to that of a cool badass (see "very old man's concept," above).

"I also skateboard. Moms are so uncool, huh, guys?"

Shadow the Hedgehog even sported a new color scheme of red and black, which is the universal war paint of one who does not suffer any bullshit. He zoomed across blasted landscapes, belching hot lead at odious demons with a handgun the size of his entire body while cursing out rude quips, and this was based on a game about a smiling blue hedgehog that runs fast and rescues forest creatures.
In keeping with the darker theme, Tails was retconned to be a date rapist.

It's as if Sega doesn't know what to do with Sonic unless he's trying to mimic the success of another series. Ironically, if they'd stuck to copying Mario, they would've just made the exact same game over and over again for the past 27 years.

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