6 Pieces of Fan Art That Are Better Than the Original

#3. The Fan-Made Cloverfield Monsters Were Better Than the Real Thing

P. Reilly

When the first teaser trailer for Cloverfield was released, showing a bunch of New Yorkers escaping from some sort of massive unseen creature, it immediately captured the imaginations of Internetters everywhere: What the hell was that thing? Godzilla? Voltron? The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? All three? At the time, the movie didn't even have a name, so it could have been conceivably anything. Even one of the Szalinski kids.

The time was right for a gritty reboot.

Cloverfield practically achieved cult status before it was even released -- but then it was released, and we saw that the monster was just some stupid-looking CG bug and moved on with our lives.

MWC Toys
To get the full experience, shake your monitor for 90 minutes.

In the end, the movie was a victim of its own hype: It probably wouldn't have been panned if they'd just shown us that thing up front so we didn't get our hopes up.

How the Fans Made It Better:

... or if they'd borrowed some of the purely speculative designs created by fans before the movie came out. This abomination, for example, was based on the whale-like scream that was heard in the trailer and could definitely wipe the floor with the puny-ass monster that's in the film. In fact, it looks like it already ate it.

Now it's gonna use the Statue of Liberty to floss.

Many sites reported this design as real, and even Cloverfield's director called it "fantastic," but it was actually put together by a fan for a contest to win movie merchandise. Think about it: A thing some guy put together in 30 minutes was better than what the multimillion dollar movie achieved.

Then there's "Mister Grumpy Pants," created by a DeviantArt user just for the heck of it, whose nickname alone makes him better than "Clover" ...

The Eye of Sauron is shown for scale.

... and the inevitable love child of the two we just mentioned:

It's the slippery black wang of the apocalypse.

This one looks like something that could have actually crawled from the forgotten depths of the ocean, whereas the real thing just looks like it was floating in the East River. On that note, we don't even know where to start with the following one:

It's like Cthulhu and the Kraken had an abortion.

Imagine that thing rendered in state of the art CG, looming over Manhattan. This design was also created for a contest, which makes us think that maybe J.J. Abrams would have gotten better results if he'd paid his designers in Slusho T-shirts.

#2. King's Quest Fans Remake and Improve Games With Company Permission

The King's Quest series of games by Sierra Online is responsible for kicking off the adventure game genre, but it's perhaps even better remembered for introducing the children of the '80s to several thousand of the most contrived ways to die.

"Whoops, the cat deleted all your saves! Restore - Restart - Quit"

As influential as King's Quest was, the years haven't been kind to the earliest games in the series, and not just because the graphics look like crap. Since this was before the computer mouse became a thing, the game play for these games was extremely frustrating: Back then, you had to type in written commands to do anything and try to guess the exact verbs and nouns necessary to advance in the game -- if you didn't own a thesaurus and have a lot of patience, you were screwed.

How the Fans Made It Better:

In the early '90s, Sierra canceled a project to remake the first three King's Quest games using updated technology. Ten years later, a group of fans said "Screw that" and decided to remake the games themselves, going as far as to expand and deepen the story of the second one (since the original was little more than King's Quest I: The New Levels).

Giant Bomb
The cover art, however, remains lovingly terrible.

The result was King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones, which is free to download from the fan company's site and is one of the biggest labors of nerdy love ever accomplished. In addition to replacing the tedious command system with a point-and-click game engine and giving the graphics a complete visual overhaul ...

The game no longer looks like it was "programmed" with construction paper.

... the developers somehow managed to track down the original voice actor for the heroic, death-prone protagonist from the CD-ROM games to reprise his role, which is like getting Michael J. Fox to appear in your homemade Back to the Future sequel. Also, true to form, the game had no shortage of creative ways to die, ranging from getting stabbed through the crotch to being used for target practice by a dwarf.

... and stabbed in the crotch.

The best part, however, is that they did such an awesome job that the current owners of the franchise actually gave them a fan license to release their game without suing their leotards off -- unlike Sega, who shut down an equally impressive fan remake of their classic Streets of Rage series that took eight freaking years to complete. We believe that was less "We're protecting our copyright" and more "You're making us look bad, dude," since the fans even went in and added material that was advertised but had never made it into the official products.

Streets of Rage Online
Twice the enemies, twice the inappropriate spooning.

#1. Garfield Minus Garfield Creator Makes the Strip Better by Removing the Main Character

When's the last time you laughed at a Garfield strip? In fact, when's the last time you had any reaction to it? We're talking about the comic here: The cartoon did have some funny moments, and the movies probably made your soul hurt, but the strip is so purposefully inoffensive that it's hard to even get mad at it.

A joke about Garfield being fat? It must be a day other than Monday.

That's because Garfield's only objective is to inspire plush toys and coffee mugs and make Jim Davis as ungodly rich as possible -- it was never meant to be funny. The strip intentionally stays away from anything that could cause kids to ask awkward questions or offend parents and thereby put them off buying the merch. It's like the anti-Calvin and Hobbes.

How the Fans Made It Better:

Garfield may be completely devoid of humor, but his owner Jon is a different story: As demonstrated by Dan Walsh's website Garfield Minus Garfield, the strip can be hilarious or even thought provoking if you simply remove any trace of the useless title character (or anyone but Jon), making it seem like he's talking to himself.

Garfield Minus Garfield
He was never the same after Lyman's death.

The New York Times described Jon's tragic observations in Garfield Minus Garfield as teetering between "existential crisis and deep despair," which makes the comic not only darker but also significantly deeper and more intelligent. Sometimes the Garfield-less strips show us a man in the process of losing his mind:

Garfield Minus Garfield

Garfield Minus Garfield

Garfield Minus Garfield

But most of the time he just seems dangerously depressed:

Garfield Minus Garfield

Garfield Minus Garfield

Garfield Minus Garfield
All of this is making us wonder what would happen if they removed Billy from Family Circus.

While researching this article, we found that Garfield Minus Garfield can be taken even further by stitching Jon's lonely observations together into full narratives ...

Garfield Minus Garfield

Garfield Minus Garfield
Pictured: The invention of masturbation.

Even Jim Davis himself practically conceded that Walsh's remixes were superior to his own creation, allowing Garfield Minus Garfield to be published as an official Garfield book. Or maybe he just thought it would be a good excuse to reprint a bunch of old strips and get some easy royalty money, whichever.

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