6 Fictional Places You Won't Believe Actually Exist (Part 2)

#3. The Flintstones House

The Fictional Setting:

Prehistoric middle-class housing was never more appealing than on The Flintstones. The titular family's stone-walled home had dirt floors, holes for windows and was probably located on a hotbed of Australopithecal malaria, but Wilma made that thing a home, dammit.

The Real Thing:

Via Designconceptideas.com
Because sometimes insanity produces some cool shit.

This $3.5 million Flintstones-inspired Stone Age bungalow in Malibu, California was once owned by none other than Dick Clark himself, proving that he must have either had a sense of humor about his seemingly preternatural aging, or else actually was the Highlander and only faked his own death because too many people were catching on. According to Clark, it was built to "take the whole idea of buildings back to their primeval roots," and the result really goes to show why you don't use the backgrounds of old cartoons as historical gospel:

Via Komonews.com

Look at that primeval recessed lighting.

Via Komonews.com

That downright savage dishwasher.

Via Komonews.com

That, uh ... that barbaric entertainment center.

OK, so maybe it's not a historically accurate portrayal of caveman life, but if you have the coin and the weird fetish, there's a real place on Earth just waiting for you come on over and bone a fur-clad redhead while a world-weary stork/garbage-can watches and makes dismal quips about his job.

#2. The Hall of Justice from Super Friends

The Fictional Setting:

The formidable headquarters for the single greatest superhero team of all time, the Hall of Justice was the home of the Super Friends for 10 poorly animated seasons, has since been incorporated into official DC Comics canon and probably still smells like Gleek ass no matter how much Febreze you lay down.

The Real Thing:

Via Wikimedia Commons
No goddamn way Superman isn't in there right now.

Apparently the Super Friends have been meeting at the Cincinnati Union Terminal this whole time, and only a liberal use of Tasers and some clever camera work kept all the public transportation hobos from crowding the shots.

Cincinnati has a long cultural and artistic history, which ended up working to the advantage of Hanna-Barbera, as they could basically steal their beautiful landmarks with impunity, since everything in Cincinnati is ignored by everything else in the world. That's why, when Super Friends background supervisor Al Gmuer submitted his initial design for the Hall of Justice, Joe Barbera crumpled it up, threw it in the garbage can and just drew a cartoon of the local train station/rapist campground instead.

Via Acincinnatihistory
If it had been done today, it would have just been a Super Walmart.

#1. The Lars Homestead from Star Wars

The Fictional Setting:

That Shire-esque Tatooine hovel farthest from the bright center of the universe is where Luke Skywalker was first discovered, trained for like 20 minutes in order to master the secret forces of the very cosmos itself and then used those powers to shoot missiles at active construction sites.

The Real Thing:

If you were to mosey over to Tunisia this summer, you could actually find Tataouine on the map:

Via Mccullagh.org
Look, it's even written in space language!

If some of the local houses and business look familiar, it's because they were used for all of the exterior locations of Tatooine throughout the Star Wars series:

Via Wikimedia Commons
All that's missing is a kid with a backpack full of terrible acting.

And if, by some miracle, you get bored of running in and out people's homes hollering about sand people and making light saber noises while their children cower in fear and confusion, just head on over to the Hotel Sidi Driss in Matmata, Tunisia.

Via Wikimedia Commons
Just keep an eye on your droids. People hate droids in Tataouine.

There, you can not only see the set piece for Luke's Tatooine farmstead, but actually sleep in his room (it is a hotel, after all) ...

Via Atlasobscura.com
"Welcome! Would you like a glass of weird-looking blue shit?"

Steal a hotel bathrobe and wistfully stare at the sunset while pondering the ever-shifting sands of fate ...

And then run away. Run far, far away.

Or just drop to your knees and dramatically holler over a pair of burned corpses. (You might have to supply those yourself, but who knows? Maybe the concierge is really bomb at his job.)

"Your corpses, sir. I've taken the liberty of preburning them for you. Would you like to wail now, or would you prefer your familial tragedy taken to your room?"

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