18 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped (Part 9)

#9. When the Ents Get Tired, They Just Sit Right Down ...

Erectile Dysfunction: It's not just for Bob Dole anymore.

These trees can be found in the so-called Crooked Forest, in Poland, all of their trunks inexplicably bowing to the north. Adding to the weirdness, nobody knows how they got that way. Experts are certain that some human intervention had to be involved, but when World War II happened, the reasons for shaping the trees that way were lost. While some of the more boring theories involve creating bent wood for the ribs of boat hulls, an especially powerful fart coming from the south side has not been ruled out.

#8. We Hope You Didn't Pay Much for That Fake Bag, Dude ...

Jump From Paper

These bags by Jump from Paper look like giant stickers, but as you can see from the 360-degree animation on their site, these are real bags that you can store stuff in. Finally, someone's made a purse for the man on the go who wants to look like he splits time between our world of three dimensions and a brightly colored two-dimensional illustration.

Jump From Paper
Sadly, this model was beaten to death by an oversize mallet moments later.

#7. How Batman Was Actually Conceived

Desi Colours

OK, that doesn't even look sophisticated enough to be Photoshopped. But we've got bad news for anyone who didn't realize that bats come in "flying wolf" sizes. It may look like someone put a child's Batman costume on their dog in the service of some unholy cross-section of furry and bondage fetishes, and after you know the truth, you will wish it was.

That's a giant golden-crowned flying fox, one of the largest (not the largest? Come on, nature!) of what are known as mega bats. Not the most scientific name for giant bats, but there's not a lot of time for cleverness when you're slowly backing away from the thing you're naming, trying to locate the nearest exit without averting your eyes.

Latorilla, Wikipedia Commons, Bloggers Inc, at Trinikid
It took a full platoon to bring that one on the right down.

It boasts a nearly 6-foot wingspan, which we should probably point out is more than big enough to wrap you in its leathery embrace and make your scream disappear, along with any memory of your existence.

#6. If Hunter S. Thompson Took Acid in Modern Day Las Vegas

Felipe Dana AP, via The Atlantic
Above: What Darren Aronofsky sees when he closes his eyes.

This fever dream of a hallucination is in reality a photo of a giant float in a carnival parade in Rio de Janiero. It would be easy to question why those chorus girls are being fed to the henna tattooed head of Mr. Freeze, but we prefer to respect other cultures. The picture was taken at something called the Sambadrome, which perfectly combines the glamour and terrifying apocalyptic terror on display, and which we have to assume the dancers misheard as "The Samba Dome" when agreeing to the gig.

#5. Crop Circles Aren't as Technically Impressive, But at Least They Don't Melt

Simon Beck, via Gizmodo

You might wonder what's so remarkable about this image until you realize that the little dot in the upper right hand corner is a guy who just did all of that with his feet. Artist Simon Beck creates these gigantic snow sculptures by walking around with snow shoes on.

Simon Beck, via Gizmodo

#4. It'd Be Impolite to Point Out His Walking Stick is a Toothpick


Earlier this year, the world of inexplicably tiny people was shaken to its little core when 72-year-old Chandra Bahadur Dangi was discovered in Nepal. One full inch shorter than the man who was previously thought to be the world's smallest, Guinness also declared him the shortest man ever.

"We're terribly sorry, but you're six inches short of the minimum Oompa Loompa requirements."

There's been no controversy as of yet, but the previous shortest man ever only lived to age 40, and the next shortest living man is only 18, while Dangi is in his prime as a stooped old man. If his title is contested, a no-holds-barred wrestling match will be held in a shoe box (if we have any say in the matter).

#3. The Pop-Tart Rainbow Cat Does a Flyover


You no longer need three kinds of drugs and a couple Pink Floyd records to see something like this spanning the sky. The Global Rainbow is an art project, which recently visited London to celebrate the upcoming Olympics. When reached for comment, the double rainbow guy wept openly for a few minutes, and then his head exploded.

All the way, indeed.

#2. Mom ... Jimmy Keeps Tagging My Side of the Bed!

"The Panic Room" by Tilt
Finally, science has brought us the Perpetual Nightmare Machine.

If they ever attempt an Odd Couple reboot starring Busta Rhymes and Martha Stewart, the set has already been created. This photo is of a real room in a French hotel, which offers the world's best or worst night's sleep, depending on which side of your body you sleep on.

"The Panic Room" by Tilt

#1. David Lynch: Cat Whisperer

The Gazette

This real two-faced cat is called a Janus cat after the Roman god who looked both forward and back. His deformity is caused by a gene named sonic hedgehog, after science apparently realized stoned college kids would be the cat's most appreciative audience.

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