7 Bizarre Easter Eggs Hidden in Great Works of Art

#3. The National Cathedral


The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, better known as the Washington National Cathedral, is the sixth-largest cathedral on the planet, the second-largest in the United States and the single highest point in all of Washington. In short, it's America's answer to the European monopoly on big, majestic churches: It's super-sized, it's dignified as balls and it'll church you sideways if you so much as look at it funny, fella.

Wyn Van Devanter
Our proud architectural history is about 22 years old.

The Easter Egg:

The whole place is chock-full of weird shenanigans: There's a chunk of moon rock set into one window, it boasts a fantastic boss of The Three Stooges and it is the only place of worship to contain a gargoyle of Darth Vader on its holy grounds.

Laura Padgett / nationalcathedral
This arguably validates all those people who state their religion as "Jedi" on the census.

In the 1980s, the Cathedral held a contest in National Geographic's World magazine to design a grotesque for the sacred sanctum; the crazier the better. Among the competition's winners was third-place Christopher Rader, who, we should stress, was absolutely not the hastily constructed childish alias of Darth Vader.

Don't take our word for it; just listen to Christopher's close personal friend, Tarth Bader, who went on the record as saying, "Chris Rader is totally not me. Him! Totally not ... him, that other guy. That handsome, dangerous fellow with the smashing black cape. That's not Chris. Chris is just another harmless little boy. For all you know ..."

#2. The Papal Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi


The Papal Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi is the proud home to some of the most famous frescoes of the Renaissance. The works of Trecento master Giotto are featured prominently throughout the Upper Church. Sadly, some of those works were severely damaged in a recent earthquake. Such sacrilege could only be the work of the devil ...

Or mole men.

The Easter Egg:

... who was probably just trying to escape from his prison inside Giotto's painting. A team of restorers working on the church following the 1997 earthquakes found some light structural damage, a few faded spots and -- oh yeah -- the devil's face hidden in the clouds of this supposedly holy work.

Yahoo / tool8
Who was apparently quite pleased with whatever he saw in that angel's crotch.

#1. The Arnolfini Portrait

The 15th century Flemish master Jan van Eyck was so crazy talented that his hands were basically Middle Ages HD cameras. His portfolio includes some of the most painstakingly detailed paintings of any artist of any period, but of particular note is his Arnolfini Portrait from 1434.

Ass-Ugly Man in Shotgun Marriage with Heavily Pregnant Ugly Woman

The Easter Egg:

There are actually four people in this portrait, and no, they're not all hiding under the man's bitchin' archaic pimp cap. Look very, very closely at that convex mirror, way in the back ...


Van Eyck actually painted the entire painting itself -- including the couple, whose POV we're apparently sharing -- backward and in fisheye inside of a tiny, almost unnoticeable piece of the background. Nobody knows for sure who the two extra figures are supposed to be, though some say the signature above the mirror means that one is Van Eyck himself. But that seems far too tame an explanation for such an impossibly crazy feat. Our leading theory? That's either Amy and the Doctor, or Scott Bakula and Robocop.

Jacopo della Quercia is the proud author of "Go @#$% Yourself!" -- An Ungentlemanly Disagreement, by Filippo Argenti and "The Sound of Laughter" in Wordplague's The Four Humors. He asks that you check out the latter since, unlike Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly, the Ford's Theatre National Historic Site actually requested a copy of the book.

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