14 'Luxury' Sex Toys for the Extremely Rich and Creepy

#7. Gold Tickler

Via Betonyvernon

Cost: $4,506

This work of "exotic beauty" is made of 18-karat gold and marabou feathers. Exotic beauty, it turns out, looks suspiciously like a duster. Though there is a noticeable difference in the price, as this product is just north of $4,500. It's a shame, too, because that extra six bucks puts it just out of our budget.

"Is the blindfold tight? OK, we're going to play a little guessing game ..."

Honestly, we can see the appeal here -- the marabou is an African stork, an exotic foreign animal. You're not going to find many sex toys made with African bird feathers and gold, which is exactly the sort of extra touch that wealthy people are looking for.

Too bad a marabou looks like this ...

Via Wikipedia
Ad analytics tell us no more than 10 percent of our readers find this arousing.

... and primarily lives on rotting carcasses and shit. So the next time you're handcuffed to a bed and wearing a blindfold, go ahead and try to imagine that plumage tickling your genitals is anything other than a glorified vulture looking for a piece of you that's dead enough to eat.

#6. Luxury Condoms

Via Nakedcondoms.com

Cost: $28

Finally, a product you can afford. Keep in mind, however, it's a product you can only use once, and most Planned Parenthood centers will give them away for free. You might assume all condoms are basically the same, but you would be wrong. Dead wrong.

According to the creators of Naked Condoms, these are "the finest condoms in the world." They gloat over the "craftsmanship" and "technology" of each disposable sperm receptacle as if the wearer were protecting his dick with a Ferrari. And from the way they tell it, more scientific breakthroughs were made to design their condom than were needed to build the atom bomb:

"Naked spent over three years in research and development designing the foil. The challenge ... was to eliminate the unpleasant design found on standard condoms and to allow the foil to tear easily from either direction while maintaining the integrity of the packaging. Six layers of foil are used so that they protect, tear and feel perfect."

Via Nakedcondoms.com
Why hasn't NASA made a statement about this yet?

Just to be clear, they spent over three years of R&D for the goddamn wrapper. Because everyone knows the best parts of having sex are the 20 or 30 sensual seconds of clumsily putting a piece of rubber on a dick. The 28 dollars you paid for a six pack won't feel like a waste at all when you and your lover shudder in ecstasy as you tear apart the packaging together. Shit, why even have sex after that?

#5. Masturbation Mirror

Via Coco-de-mer.com

Cost: $1,598

There's a good chance you already have a mirror in your house, so why should you spend over a grand and a half on one that's only used for watching yourself rub one out? Well for starters, it's got a little stand thingy to keep it propped up and aimed at your crotch. So there's that. But more importantly, this mirror has a mission statement -- it's designed to "represent an articulated interface for the exploration of the sensual realm." It also brings "a new dimension to the world of fine jewelry by discreetly enriching the classical function of body ornament with sensorial power."

Wow! That's a really, really pretentious way of saying, "use this to ogle your junk." Really, why do the sellers muddy the waters with flowery language, like "re-evaluating the aesthetics of desire," when they can instead just point out that anyone who is turned on by the sight of himself jerking off is amazingly self-sufficient? But, no, that's not enough. The wealthy people don't just jerk off -- they break new ground.

Also comes in the John Holmes model.

It makes us wonder if you're allowed to use this mirror for anything else, since the marketing is so specific. Can we still trim our nose hairs in this mirror even when we're not balls-deep in our own fist? Does it even reflect anything other than genitalia? For $1,598, we will probably never know.

#4. Pearl Anal Beads

Via Cocodemerusa.com

Cost: $430

We all know that anyone can cram beads in their ass, but when you can afford to fork over 430 bucks for the privilege, you want it to mean something. Thankfully, there are pearl anal beads for the refined enthusiasts of ass play. The site that sells them tells potential buyers the history and special significance of pearls:

"In mythology, these pearls were thought to be the crystallized tears of Aphrodite and symbolic of love and wisdom through experience."

Via Wikimedia Commons
"I don't have any pockets. Where the hell am I supposed to put this?"

See the difference the background information makes? Apparently there is at least a foot and a half of wisdom to be had from these goddess tears. Gaining an appreciation for the rich mythology of pearls will ensure that they are far and away the most spiritual, philosophical and beautiful objects you'll ever jam up your own asshole. And while the site makes no mention of it, we also imagine this is one of the easiest sex toys to explain away when discovered by children or nosy in-laws. That is, provided you're willing to wrap these shit jewels around you like a necklace to throw them off the scent.

#3. Jade Cock Ring

Via Cocodemerusa.com

Cost: $135

Not all cock rings are created equal, and don't let the fat cats in Big Cock Ring tell you otherwise. This jade ring, yours for just 135 dollars, is "carved into the shape of Ouroboros, the serpent that ate its own tail. Ouroboros is the symbol of rebirth and the continuity of life, therefore well-suited to adorn his talent."

Via Wikimedia Commons
Self-cannibalizing cocks are every man's secret fantasy.

We're not sure if it's supposed to be symbolic of sex or auto-fellatio, but either way using it will make your boner far more sophisticated than usual. Although the rich metaphor is somewhat diluted by the fact that it's immediately followed by instructions for use that hint at the many, many ways a cock ring could be disastrous for your junk. You're also explicitly warned that jade breaks easily, which is great because nothing enhances some hot, passionate lovemaking like the constant fear of jade shards getting lodged in your erection.

#2. Animal Masks

Via Cocodemerusa.com

Cost: $450

Role-playing in sex is all about pretending to be someone you never could be in reality, so we're assuming rich people would probably act out a lonely and desperate hump over a deep fryer between two fast food employees. That feels right, doesn't it? Well, whatever you think of, "terrifying silver dog" probably isn't what comes to mind, and maybe that's why you're not rich.

The silver dog headgear may seem expensive at 450 bucks each, but digging a little deeper through the product specs reveals it has adjustable ears. A feature like that is so far off our sexual radar we can't even begin to imagine how that would make sex better, but we're willing to trust that the rich know what they're doing.

And for anyone out there who's really more of a cat person, there are leather cat ears available instead:

Via Cocodemerusa.com
Excuse us for seven minutes -- the sexual heat is just too much.

While the cat ears aren't adjustable, the site still up-sells them as "great for dressing-up and going out."

To fucking where? Do rich people have some sort of highbrow furry convention we don't know about? Unless these masks aren't for rich people to wear at all. They're for rich people to put on poor people when they torture them for sport. Seriously, look at that model's thousand-yard stare and try to tell us she's in that headgear by choice.

Via Cocodemerusa.com
They couldn't even get a model for the leather dog ears.

#1. The Thrill Hammer

Via dnn.thethrillhammer.com

Cost: $2,000

"Thrill Hammer" sounds like the name of a high school band, but it's actually a "Teledildonic Machine" that honestly looks like a penis missile hidden inside a postmodern coffee table. The thrill hammer weighs 700 pounds, and could just as easily be the winning project at the rapist science fair as a high-end sex toy. Its description is a mix between a luxury car brochure, a pornographic film intro and a crazy hobo rant.

"It has been written that the thrill hammer inventor has probably produced more orgasms than the most prolific porn stars, male or female, and he's done it without even touching his subjects. How does he do it? By creating beautiful works of art that do what they are intended to do. Creating the world's best orgasms from the best of class sex machines."

Via dnn.thethrillhammer.com
We think it can also be used for ghostbusting.

Each machine is customized, but it seems that aesthetics always take a backseat to function, since they all look like steampunk nightmares. But hey, who are we to question a "brain trust of artisans and technologist (sic)" who are "exploring the fringes of sex technology"?

It's difficult to imagine an audience for these ... devices, but their creator says most of his customers are "older professionals making a couple hundred grand a year" who don't have time to date. Thanks, good sir, for making it so that the next time we visit our dentist we'll be picturing her getting railed by one of these monstrosities.

"Open wide. My replacement piston isn't going to pay for itself!"

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