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Your chair makes a fart noise. You're not among friends.


When the meal you're ordering has an embarrassingly awful name.


You're lost in thought, and when you come out of it, you realize
you've been staring blankly at a stranger the whole time.


Telling a story you remember as your own, only it turns out it
actually happened to the person you're telling it to.


You order "the usual," the server has no idea what you're talking about.


Saying goodbye and then walking in the same direction.


You go for a hug, he goes for a handshake.


Cheering wildly because you don't realize it's the instant replay of a play you just saw.


You pretended you were listening and now you realize a response is required.


Being asked to repeat a witticism because no one heard what you said.


You get caught pretending like you remember someone's name.


When you wave back at someone who it turns out was not waving at you.




When you're a kid in class and your teacher bends over to talk to
another student and sticks her butt in your face without realizing it.


Walking around with a cast that only has one signature on it.


Singing the beginning of the first verse when the second verse is starting.


The people who are in on the inside joke explain it to you after you've already laughed at it.


Turns out Kyle's the other Asian guy you've worked with for three years.

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